Music - drugs for the heart

Music as a healing force goes back centuries. Apollo by the Greeks as the god of music and medicine worship. Sound healing and sacred knowledge in the highly developed education systems of Egypt and Greece were discussed. Immediately after the First World War and the Second World War, a community of musicians of all kinds, every amateur and professional staff, a veteran of the serenades, physical and emotional effects of war. The medical profession now embraces the value of music therapy or palliative care for patients with a wide range: chronically or terminally ill, disabled, neurological disorders and mental disabilities. Music therapy programs appear in hospitals and medical centers across the country.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Those arising from heart disease and early death or loss due to the specific quality of life to suffer. Increasing evidence shows that relaxing music for the heart. Marconato and his colleagues reported in the Arch Bras Cardiol. In 2001, reduce stress and increase personal satisfaction, treated more consumption of food from the fiber, reducing cholesterol and better prospects in life in patients with receptive music. White American Journal of Intensive Care in 1999 showed that patients with acute myocardial infarction with music on heart rate, respiratory rate and reduced oxygen demand of treated heart muscle was. Guzzetta went on in the hearts and lungs was in 1989 that cardiovascular complications were recorded in patients with a low potential detection of myocardial infarction to coronary care unit when their music was a sedative and treatment reports. Thorgaard and colleagues in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, published in 2004, have been specially selected music and a positive impact on patient well-being of the sound settings in invasive cardiac procedures in order. Other studies of health benefits, and when the music has shown cardiac surgery.

also music from various corners. "Simply put, music can heal people." - Senator Harry Reid, Nevada. As a treatment intervention in health and status of music in the market, deal with stress, fight depression, relieve pain, relax, and calm, express feelings, enhance memory, improve communication and promote physical rehabilitation. Music therapy improves their private knowledge and spiritual growth, clear vision to improve your life and your quality of life

German writer Johann G. Seume, expressed as "music is the key to the hearts of women." Love is closely associated with music. § Henry Beecher (1813-1887), priest calls on Yankees' all the music, the most remote places in the sky, he was the heart of love. " Music helps to win alone. Lawrence, Pat Conroy, said: "It is not music, life is a journey through the desert." The music will help to fight depression and anxiety. George Eliot (1819-1880), English writer, said: "It makes no sense except in extreme fear and grief, relief can not find music." If otherwise, the edge of secular music. Every belief fabric of the music included. Basketball coach, Red Auerbach, the 1969 Basketball Hall of Fame has been selected, preached, "Music washes from the soul the dust of everyday life." Music helps to reduce working time and helps the time pass faster. As the combined forces of all aspects of the live performances.

Music therapist and educator, Rev A. Hall Lingerman, said: "Do not worry, because the alternative music will ensure that your body and your emotional layer, so that it can be replaced with more healthy musical works to nourish your mind." And while he rightly points out, all music is made equal. Many studies have shown that relaxing music (Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart) resulted in a significant reduction in heart rate and reduced heart rate variability question benefit the heart. The human heart tends to coordinate the rate of speed songs. The rapid increase in heart rate, respiration and blood pressure and can harm the cardiovascular system. Enjoy the slow pace and quiet - and wrote the Yankees as a writer Henry Miller, "Music can be a wonderful drug if it is for you too seriously."

Guitarist Frank Zappa won a Grammy Lifetime Achievement in 1997, said. "Note that the information is not knowledge, has no reason to know is the truth, truth beauty, beauty is not love, love, music, music is better. Integration of music in their daily diet of life. It can enhance your life. And above all, it can help relieve and even heal your heart So do not be surprised if your doctor says: ".. See how calm and classic songs to call me in the morning "

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