Top 10 Companies

The United States and Japan will take the lion's share of the company, and with the US-Japan production of 14 to 44 and 68 of 58

Lists the top 30 of over 48 billion dollars in wholesale revenue! Not too shabby. See if your favorite company is registered here.
1. Avon. 10700000000 estimated $ a wholesale business. New York-based Avon was founded in 1886 and therefore qualifies for the Grand father MLM / direct sales companies (or ought to have a great day?). They sold beauty products, jewelry, clothes and personal approach to marketing - door to door is still the mainstay. They have a single level and multi-level payment plan.

2. Alticor (Amway). 8200000000 dollars in estimated wholesale business. They started in 1959, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andes, who had been the main distributor of other companies, Nutr Lite (Lite Nutr years later bought by Amway).

Located in Ada Michigan, the company has large manufacturing and research facility, which most major product groups - home care, nutrition and personal care. We also market many other products, including security, insurance, telephone systems and grocery lines. The company has a marketing person. Multi-level payment plan.

3. Vorwerk (Jafri). This German-based company's estimated $ 3400000000 clocked up the wholesale business. Founded in 1883, the market Vowel | cosmetics Jeri division bar machine, household products Overwork. Distribution methods of the party plan and direct sales. Multi-level payment plan.

4. Mary Kay. Pink rules! Founded in 1963, Mary Kay has an estimated 2.6 billion U.S. dollars in wholesale business. This Texas-based business market skin care and color cosmetics in the party organizations and individuals in the market a couple of points, a level payment plan.

5. Herb life. "Make money now; ask me how the mantra of the 29-year Los Angeles-based company - a lot of dealers did exactly that. Sales (wholesale revenues) estimated at 2.4 billion U.S. dollars last year. These products are primarily for health, weight loss and personal service. They use the people's economic MLM pay plan.

6. Prime Rica financial services. Taking into account that the company operates primarily in North America, only the result that huge impressive. 2200000000 dollars in estimated wholesale revenue from last year's Georgia-based company, originally known as the founder of AL Williams, Art Williams and himself. Founded in 1977, the financial services market, that people in marketing and recruitment plan for multi-level agreement.

7. Tupperware. He said he had no money in the plastic? Founded in 1946, Florida-based Company produced some 2.2 billion dollars in sales (wholesale revenue) last year. They are in the market for storage and transportation of products, as well as beauty and personal care products through party plan, and the people in the marketing system. Multi-level payment plan.

8. Natural Cosmeticos. Brazil's success story in his own MLM - 1900000000 Natural dollars last year, made the sale (high income). Founded in 1969, Natural markets cosmetics, perfumery and personal care marketers use.

9. Oriflamme. Swedish-based Oriflamme generated $ 1900000000 about sales (wholesale revenue) last year. Founded in 1967, the company's market beauty products in a multi-level marketing person to pay plan structure.

10. Forever Living. Most of the sale of the Arizona-based company acquired in North America, as the penetration into the international market with mixed results. But I still watch the estimated wholesale revenues of $ 1700000000. Was founded in 1978, the company markets nutritional supplements, skin care, beauty and slimming products. People used the multi-level marketing pay plan.

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