What do British men and women want

What men need

It is frequently said that men and women have different views about sex. Generally, people think that love and sex has nothing to do with each other, and women should be poignant, corporeal association before the change. Of course, it does not fit the reality of men and women, some people say they can not contribute in sex without love, and some women do, they can have sex just for fun. But in general, men tend to divide sex and love.

Men and women also tend to have different opinions on that idealistic behavior may lead to love. In numerous studies, that men are more probable than women to think about physical contact, as well as idealistic. Women want to hear, "I love you" to people, but people rarely talk about it. And people say, expressing love for sex is one of the most romantic things they can think of few women feel the same. Does that indicate that men and women from different worlds: one says that the sex life of fatally out of sync. That is why they must try to understand each other, to synchronize their life cycles, and live happy together.

established that male sexual wish is raised mostly visual incentives, while women are susceptible to sound and communication. And people are often pornography, naked bodies in various sexual practices and provocative lingerie, women called for account, announcement, relations, and kindheartedness. Kinsey's report notes that while 76 percent of men surveyed want a light during sex, only 36 percent of women did.

Some say that 50 percent of men's brains are devoted to sex. Men be likely to want more frequent sex with their partners, if the corrupt nature of pressure and exhaustion. What do women want in their bedroom in a romantic scene in the film, and people want a scene in a porn movie.

But people want to be appreciated too. It is factual that most men desire to have sex, but men are also planned in love for sex. Of course people want desperately to comfort and support that comes from love. They can be as emotional as women, and in some cases more. in conclusion, women who have been married for a long time to know that some people never grow up. They should ensure a safe a openhanded woman's love. And while men like their sex, they are also used as a gentle kiss or transmission, as a woman. Men want touching relations and physical contact with one another and encourage the women they love.
 What women want

Men tend to relieve the stress through sex, so they often want sex when they are worried about or problems. But women just the opposite, they are difficult to sex when they have evils and concerns. Men showed a great attention in whether women have sex the same way they have, which produces a feeling of pressure and sense of achievement. It makes them want to make sure that their partners were satisfied or enthusiastic about, and this is why so many keep their eyes open during lovemaking. They tend to measure their satisfaction with their partners feel the bedroom. They look for signs of pleasure, and if it complies with the partner is considered "good" sex.

Given these feelings, and the fact that sex is not one-way street, and women should express their approval and enthusiasm during sex, and interrelate with the behavior and views, that is. This improves not only sex but also their knowledge of their generation. One thing to keep in mind that many men are not as good as the women were non-cues such as facial language and gestures, that these people should have all spoken them.

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