"Smart House" Smart "Trend" Plumbing new emerging

The High Commissioner for intelligent smart home network with an initial increase in China and a number of projects increases, the activity includes the production and sale of complex, "smart" words have become a common promotional items. Many everyday household items of intelligence, is also involved in all aspects of this area, such as lighting systems, electronic control systems, alarm system, as well as background music, video and comment system, new scientific and technological achievements.

Intellect products are designed with international standards and industry to go on stage and decorative fashion. Security system in the field of science and technology hardware city of China's market and sales, including funds, more prosperous and kitchen equipment, and communications systems, video intercom system, electric curtains, lighting and so on. Plumbing tools trading range, and provided business and innovation in science and technology, and new things are reasonable, new products and endless generations, and plumbing in the early stage, tap, sensor, most often, a clever sales toilet burned now auto massage bathtub, large pool, the Council of Ministers, etc., less than a large bathroom family style decorations. Smart Food

Rights does not cease to worry about a bath in each place Smart Smart Development urinal intelligence and depth of the water cycle. Sensors, infrared, leading to installation of automatic water drain, soap, and you can adjust the temperature of the shower nozzle water, according to verbal instructions, or splashing water, toilet rinse with warm water, warm air dryer, heated seats, auto pollution, and many other features deodorant ... ...

Widely used in remote sensing technology, infrared monitoring of liquid waste and water control. With the infrared sensor control water bath or shower and toilet, massage can be adjusted depending on the taste of water or a pit pit latrine / water separation, understanding the rhythm and intensity of water.

1, and enter new water everywhere

Play "Water" under the guise of valve sensor, water management water transfer stopped, check the tap water time to remove those charges, the heat causes before leaving the factory was doing this temperature, which leads to the development of open, view it, you'll love temperature of the water when the water flow and appropriate, because at the beginning and will continue to minimize waste. Leader of the structure of the high accuracy and the ability to continuously and automatically compensates for changes in water pressure and water temperature, the user can access the temperature of the water temperature requirements for temperature control during the transition and 0,5, and, consequently, reduce water loss.

As the toilet water to pump the water directly to the trust of all the innovations in bold so quietly, and then siphon tap. The manufacturer is not responsible exchange of water up to 6.3 liters from the dam of 4 liters of water saving health and consumer response was very good, and even waterless urinals, water only to zero.

2 and the magic is hidden in the tap water you have ever seen spraying from the ceiling, the bathroom? Mushroom hidden in the walls? Toilet tank does not see? In fact, the emergence of many unexpected changes in the bath, and the composition of this year became a fan of the hidden purpose of many consumers.

You can hide the wall leads to a picture on the wall or ceiling, bathroom faucet, drip, and the window, I do not know who thought it was a beautiful mosaic decorations on the wall above the bathtub. Tact switch, water and miraculously emissions walls, the water column and pure and complete. It can also be installed on the ceiling of the bathroom faucet, such as rain water column is injected into the bath itself from the ceiling. Hidden toilet tank and hang out, and the bathroom, and a more efficient use of space, short and wide.

Bathroom 3 room with a wise and family bathroom beauty salon permit until the economic power that can be done with office equipment moved into the bathroom, trying to make each piece bath pillar of health: a warm and comfortable bath and massage and sauna steam room accommodation is not a luxury, nanotechnology Advanced Ceramics features to combat bacteria, and even the toilet has become possible to verify the credibility of modern equipment. That we refuse to be a bathroom in the house, SPA has the most comfortable, or do a complete physical examination?

4, in a clear and complete design

The bathroom home that better reflects the quality of the part. This year, everything is transparent bath, sink and form as a variety of styles, half round, triangular, pentagonal, form a circle or a quarter of a petal, toilets are not only white, and the bones, but the overall color of the paint.

New Direction for China's future kitchen SmartHome

Kitchen Computer: This computer can calculate a variety of recipes for preparing raw material for cooking tastes delicious. Chef in the number of recipes, cookbook, simply click on the button and it tells you the amount of coordination.

1, keeping the circle: Using the principle of magnetic induction to the table of dishes always maintain a certain temperature, while the desktop itself is not hot.

2 Heat oven: more than water, and hope for a rotating ceiling fan. Hot air does not produce smoke, and the user can search for clear glass cylinder tank Zhengkao food, time and temperature, which operates freely. Completion of bread, and can be cleaned in aquarium water to compensate for the lack of an oven and microwave.

3, light rice cooker: halogen heater heat source, closed ball halide gases. This energy-saving, time saving, and the smell of boiled rice, thicker and tastier.

4 rotating pan: form and process of working with micro-mixer, and hundreds of similar moves vegetables. Various materials, the temperature can be adjusted by rotating the tube glass dish, and after several minutes of the best deep fried foods.

5, rice water Automatic Bowl: very easy to use. Xiamen good cup of rice, and press, and sensor devices should now think a couple of glasses of water. With further changes in the water, you can eat Shao Yan personal favorite, rice soft or medium. In addition, the LCD can display the time-intensive, rice, and it automatically reduces power.

6 automatic laser cutter: Cut vegetables need to be eating up processing to automatically scan, using three-dimensional "3D" three-dimensional visualization technology, and food photos on your computer screen, then cancel the process, the host automatically.

7, microwave Audiovisual: This furnace is equipped with color TV and a mini-R 13 cm profile preparation.

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