Dangerous Hair Products

Some components of hair products, as mentholated phenylalanine or phenolphthalein can cause cancer. If you use products with these ingredients, your chances of developing cancer increase markedly. In addition, medical studies show that these components can alter your hormones.

Not only is the hair risking their health, but they are not very good at keeping your hair beautiful. Some of the chemicals contained in hair products is extremely harmful to your skin and hair. So do not doubt that you will end up worse than you were, with poor health and bad hair and skin condition.

Among the components of that damage our skin and hair may be noted Sodium Laurel Sulfate, moisturizers and glycerin. These components cause skin irritation, hair loss and dry skin. As they say, is not all that glitters are gold. You should be particularly careful when selecting new products.

Some foods can cause toxicity and mutagenic properties. Nevertheless, for some reason the government does not ban them. Everyone cares about their own interests. Hair product industry does not care about the health of people; they just care to get their money.

Before you buy a hair product that you should do your research. Find out what the components contained in the product and whether they work or not. If possible, stay away from hair color and hair color, as most of them are carcinogenic.

You must make up your mind and decide if you want to live with dull hair or die with the fantastic. In addition, you are not only concerned about the danger of hair. If you use these products during pregnancy, the risk of cancer in children increased by ten times for your child.

Risking your health and your baby does not seem fair price for what is fashionable. But if you still feel that you can not live without hair, you should go for the natural and stay away from chemicals and hazardous components. Life should be more important than fashion.

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