How to return from the attack of free radicals

Most people do not attain it, but it's a war going on in your body. Who will win your personal war against free radicals with antioxidants?

Free radicals, but is a molecule with an electron missing. As the body processes the food you eat, they are created by the oxidation process and accelerate the aging process and damage your health.

Antioxidants, on the other hand, molecules that prevent oxidation of the three electrons in the molecule of free radicals, keeping everything in balance. You can antioxidants in vitamins and minerals found in the foods you eat and more care creams and skin lotions you use.

How anti-oxidants neutralize free radicals do?

Oxidation is a process necessary for life, because it breaks things, causing a decline. The way to do that is deleted when providing antioxidant electrons to free radicals, stop the process and neutralize it.

Thirty or forty years ago was easier to fight for the body to fight and win. There were so many free radicals as they are now a problem for two main reasons:

    * Our food was a whole lot more nutrients and some anti-oxidants. Today, the land is poor because of mass production, the greater the tendency to eat more processed foods.
    * At the time, we were not as exposed to pollution, radiation, toxins and chemicals, we are today in our everyday environment.

We are facing an increased production of free radicals at a rate never happened before mankind, and depletion of antioxidants in our diet.

People, even experts, who say that many anti-oxidants in the diet to control excess free radicals that are really just stick our heads in the sand and avoiding reality.

L-Glutathione is the principal that you want to call

In each game, you have the majors, captains and soldiers. All are important, but different. The same is true for your personal war in your body.

A common vitamins A, C and E, selenium and captains, it is necessary, but the weakness of the force with respect to Great.

L-glutathione that you want to call. The body can not produce this essential if internal systems are working properly, and because of the required precursors. But you can get more benefit from supplements, provided that you are aware of two important factors:

    * Must be taken in a special form of "reduced". Remember that this form smaller molecular size reduction of the molecular size standard does not pass through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream.
    * L-glutathione must be protected as it passes through the stomach before releasing the upper part of the intestine. This means that the supplement should be in the form of tablets enteric release nutrients in the upper intestine.

There are several other majors that you can call ahead, however, they are not as powerful L-glutathione. However, they are more powerful than vitamins regularly. Look for Lutein, Bilberry, L-carnosine, grape extract and green tea extract.

With all the information in this spirit, I suggest that if you want to win the battle, resulting in beauty and health, you get the nutrients in your daily diet. But to get the edge, check the ingredients in skin care. By putting your routine skin care that you'll be attacked by two different front, after winning the battle for antioxidants against free radicals.

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