3 simple steps to be more beautiful without spending a lot of money

Without busting the budget you want to see expensive? For dual-use by searching a shelf in the supermarket, to get started.

The more the lipstick you want whip cream blush can be used differently, if the product is stored. Then, eyes, lips, etc. You can play the best features. Get the look.

Step 1: Find an elegant soft, clean surface of reconciliation to begin. Firstly, deep cleansing and moisturizing exfoliate your face. Then you must choose on the basis of a flat brush or sponge synthetic cosmetics to apply the fund.

Step 2: Now you must decide what features you want to improve. Let's start with your own eyes. Winged, to create the effect learn to apply the shadow. This is the easiest way to get dramatic eye makeup. I just flew it so black eye shadow brush and a whip line, use the eye shadows work. Draw the liquid liner is harder than that.

Step 3: Your lips, or just in the nude lipstick and lip appropriate, for a summary of color to start. Then line the lips with lipstick and enter smoothly. Lip stain with a tissue to maintain order on the force applied to other vessels. Remember, saturated red lip gloss or stain may be a noble view, should not really made of lipstick.

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