Some miniature amounts of foodstuff can increase the bleaching effect

The ability to synthesize melanin in the melanophores determines whether the skin is white or not. Good nutrition in daily life can effectively whiten the skin. It is important to remember, certain foods, the effect of the bleaching effect. People should not eat these foods.

The first type of diet foods with dark colors. Acquisitions in bright colors, such as milk and eggs can accelerate the removal of melanin and reduce the weight of internal organs. Foods with dark colors can only play the role opposite. So people need to reduce the consumption of such products as coffee, black mushrooms and black sesame.

Another type of food fried food. Fried food smells delicious. However, the damage can not be ignored. Excessive intake of fried food can cause obesity and accelerated aging. People can reduce the amount of vitamin E and reception for the consumption of food at aging for a few degrees.

The third type of photosensitive foods fruits and vegetables. Photosensitive fruit just the color became dark, and metallic elements such as copper, iron and zinc may be directly or indirectly increasing the number and vitality of tyrosine’s and dopamine accelerated the formation of melanin. Photosensitive mainly include citrus fruits, green papaya and cucumber. Most fruits with shiny skin photosensitivity. Therefore the people to the consumption of fruit and vegetables may contain pigments, such as strawberries and cabbage to enlarge.

The fourth type of food ingredients tyrosine’s-rich and rare elements. According to the study, the activity of tyrosines has close ties with copper, iron and zinc in the human body. Regular consumption of foods that contain these elements and tyrosine’s can do to turn a dark color. The products mainly include animal liver, black sesame seeds, hyacinth bean seeds and nuts and so on.

The fifth type of food is a food additive. Healthy organs to maintain normal metabolism in the human body to remove melanin. However, excessive use of supplements may increase the burden of internal organs and lead to the formation of black spots and freckles. Currently, a variety of foods with additives. People should be very careful when choosing food.

That does not mean that the above products can not be eaten human flesh. People should just eat in moderation, because excessive intake may increase the effect of bleaching effect.

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