No harmful chemicals and no harm to animals - the beauty of all natural skin care

As for skin care and anti-aging market, the standard is known, that most products contain harmful chemicals in their products on animals before they hit the shelves. Amazingly, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not require companies to test on animals or authority to remove products containing harmful chemicals. Of course, most of the major priorities of skin care companies make money, not the best skin care possible. There are harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances known to cause irritation or worse than almost any skin care products from moisture to shampoo. Almost all of these products tested on animals, outdated and inhumane practice.

Many people are unaware of animal testing, and if you do not have the level of damage that these poor animals. Monkeys and rabbits are subject to appalling conditions and have proven moisturizing soap in their eyes. This is definitely a test used to complete the lethality of an animal by product extraction to determine the dead. How can you compare the effects of harmful substance between the rabbit and the provision of human and sustainable? It just does not make sense. Dogs often are broken neck and arms are trying to make their way out of its limitations, the strength of the product as they are fed to determine toxicity. Even if you do not support animal testing, if you buy products from a company that is open to anything you do experiments onanimals more than money supply, their test twisted scary.

Constant more harmful chemicals in a wide range of skin care. Many companies sell products like parabens preservative (methyl ethyl, etc.) are known. Parabens are cheap to buy the company and the product life shelf much longer. Parabens have been linked to reproductive system in men and women lead to breast cancer. Propylene glycol is an important component of many skin care products worldwide. It's annoying as a result of the skin known as severe burns and allergic reactions. He is also an essential component of antifreeze, brake fluid, engine degreaser. These are just some of the harmful chemicals almost all skin care products in the market.

If you think animal testing of chemical-based products - are not for you to consider, looking very natural approach to skin care. Several companies, which increases not only skin, but the environment is your interest with astonishing speed. Many skin care companies including plant extracts as an ancient peptide compounds for their products judged safe and effective results. Not only the skin care companies are increasingly aware of what they bring to their moisture, etc., but they are also adopting alternative methods for testing products. Because all products are natural skin care and body of nature, and many contain ingredients of the world, the need to examine their cancellation for testing, not tested on animals. Human cell cultures tested petri dish. Most products contain organic skin care things like aloe vera shea butter, we all know, some of us also use

The skin and heal cuts.

I think It's just that the chemicals and animal testing is completely wrong. Do not sacrifice your long-term health just to look younger. In addition to innocent animals should be on what might also suffer. Internet watch and see what most companies use on animals and harmful chemicals, so you can avoid it all together.

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