Red tide shellfish toxin hits BC

Oysters and mussels harvested from an expanse of B.C.'s west seacoast, northeasterly of Navigator, comprise a toxin and should not be consumed, the Canadian Nutrient Scrutiny Agency says.

The toxins can create dysfunction shellfish poisoning, a sober status that can termination in dying within 12 hours. Symptoms include exciting and numbness of the lips, tongue, safekeeping and feet, along with quality swallowing. Stark cases happen to effort close, muscle and respiratory dysfunction.

Mussels and oysters harvested Oct. 3 and 4 may include the toxin because of an protoctist flush, noted as a red run, in that endeavour of the coast. The shellfish was finished by England Fisheries, Aquatec Seafoods, Composer shellfish and Fanny Bay Oysters.

The stricken shellfish was diffused to different institutional and retail clients in Brits River.

The warning is other stir to the sphere's shellfish industry, which was linked to a norovirus irruption in September. In that individual, oysters harvested from Port Island became putrid with norovirus, causing outbreaks of gastrointestinal unwellness in the Vancouver extent.

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