Healthy News for a Good-Looking Bottom Line: Health and beauty product still reign supreme

Americans spend $ 368 a year for health and beauty, adding HBC products in your cart every fourth day of shopping. This course has been translated into purchases + $ 61 billion per year, representing 12% of total U.S. sales of packaged goods, dry food and only stopped the sale of perishable food. A wide range of flows and deliver innovative products to help keep the interest groups. Taking into account the fact that more than 2200 different ETCS toothpaste alone.

Despite the anemic sales of beauty and health unit, which fell 2,2% in, drugs, food and mass merchandisers (including Waymart) for the year ended October 2008 increased 1.9% dollar sales, a slight increase in prices for the whole group around half of all categories within the Department.

Attractive features

cosmetic products, including cosmetics, fragrances, skincare, bath / shower and gift sets to add properties to mass merchandisers, where they account for 29% of sales dollars, and then to 15% of pharmacies, online retailers and shops sectional in 9%, supermarkets, 8%, direct sales and 7%, 5% of cosmetics specialist shops, as well as many other sites.

Security practices vary by channel and users more about buying at mass merchandisers (8,7), but the purchase amount is lower than most other channels. Interestingly, the TV home shopping channels reported a higher amount of purchase 3.8. Beauty Warehouse (3, 5), direct sales (3, 4), Internet (3, 3), was recorded in more stores than traditional shopping channels, drug stores (2, 4), mass merchandisers (2, 3), (2, 2) and supermarkets (1.8).

Worry lines

Economic issues front and center with consumers, with nearly eight out of 10 households said they were very satisfied or somewhat related to the price of personal hygiene products, and 6 out of 10 plans to reduce spending for the needs of the home to save money. Carefully decided to use the savings consumers of health and beauty coupons, using climbing to 13% in first quarter 2008, 2.5 times the rate for total sales of grocery coupons.

As, health and advertising category is maintained traditional beauty in the smallest volume, selling 26% of work compared to 35% of sales involved in each section. Women fragrances, vitamins and cosmetics to move the greatest volume of business while leaving AIDS, family planning and health of women, to sell at least at work.

Strong Medicine

American consumers have voted to leave the wallet, with an emphasis on price and value when choosing over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, which stands at different users worldwide. 2008 May survey results conducted by global Nielsen Company and the Association of European industry self is more than 51 countries reported that 30% of Americans believe price is important when choosing OTC products, compared with only 17 % of consumers globally. The only country in which their customers are more concerned about the price in Japan (33%).

Value figures emerged as a solution to the criterion for 25% of American consumers, while only 15% of global buyers for advice. Not surprisingly, this is the generic equivalent of increasing importance in the health sector in the United States. Loyalty levels about twice as high among users of the world, 23% of that of Americans (12%).

Issues of efficiency

Factors influencing the choice of OTC medications among U.S. consumers, including performance (half of the respondents who indicated), safety (42%) and the target product (35%), while features such as special easy to use and are often used is less important.

Perhaps reflecting the country can-do spirit, a majority of Americans (60%) tend to wait to see or less severe illness get better before taking the drugs, mainly because of the belief that it can be harmful drugs. If a particular application, the respondents admitted that more advice or help from their doctors to help them protect their health (44%), such information will be clearer in the pack (36%) and health education more generally (33%).

It seems that, despite the trend toward mini-clinics, and everyday choices and much, consumers are still looking for guidance from the doctor and evaluate useful directions drug use and use. Whatever the economic crisis, shoppers want to look and feel good, and you will figure out ways to stretch your budget to the beauty of the basics.

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