Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Punarnava Or Boerhavia Diffusa

Are utilised in Vajikarana Preparations. It increases brutal erections and dimension and abstraction of humor. It rejuvenates manlike reproductive scheme.

In Wound Diseases: It is very recyclable in pare diseases equivalent infection. It is thoughtful as a superior spontaneous curative for poultry worms

Boerhavia diffusa or Punarnava belongs to the household Allioniaceae. This is also acknowledged as spiderlings as this put grows low and spreads same a program web. Boerhavia diffusa is identified by the name Punarnava in Bharat. Ayurvedic texts immensely kudos the healthful properties of this put.

The humour of this pose has varicoloured savour. It tastes sweetish, taste and medicament. Ayurveda acharyas point the properties of punarnava as fatless (laghu), dry (Ruksha) and hot effectiveness (ushna veerya). All parts of place are victimised in ayurvedic herbal preparations.

Healthful properties of Punarnava or Boerhavia diffusa

According to texts of ayurveda this plant alleviates all triad doshas.

In Arthritis: It helps to thin redness and painfulness in joints.

In Dyspepsia: Punarnava acts as a healthful, increases craving, digests ama and reduces abdominal upset. It also relieves degradation.

In symptom: It helps to confine tillable expiration and asthma

Dysfunction:Seeds of punarnava

In Symptom: Boerhavia diffusa joint with remaining herbal ingredients service in treating anaemia

In Renal diseases: It acts as a drug and is misused in ayurvedic preparations for renal calculi (kidney designer), Cystis and nephritis.

In liver disorders:Punarnava is widely old to rejuvenate liver and take it. It helps in jaundice o r hepatitis. It is exploited in Brazilian herbal penalization to energise the evacuation of the gallbladder and for all types of liver disorders

In flow: Boerhavia diffusa is misused as an activated fixings in ayurvedic preparations for symptom

Body Rejuvenation: It rejuvenates livelong embody and gives a new spiritedness and upbeat (Hence the folk Punarnava (New again)). It strengthens the embody and normalizes doshas. This helps to assist the condition to diseases.

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