Black Hair Care Guide - 3 Major Black Hair Problems and Solutions

Do you have black leadership of hair care products will help you know if you're on the right track with his regime, product selection and style? Here are some of the problems and their solutions are a good guide can help you understand.

First problem: Fracture

Is your hair to break and very weak in the end? Seeing little hair on his shoulders and in your sink every time you comb your hair is not good, and it will ruin your health and hair growth quickly.

Solution: Protective Styling

If you have never tired of the defensive style may be the solution to your problem of destruction. These hairstyles (eg, coils and braids) to protect the ends, keeping them from the air. They stay moist and dry, split ends and breakage of friction is almost completely eliminated.

Second problem: More Processing

Do you have any problems with your hair still be treated too if you go to a salon? If your hair is weak and damaged over time due to chemical services, something must change.

Solution: Stretching relaxers

The answer to your question applies to your hair relaxers. This means that if you normally have to do your hair every 6 weeks, wait for 10-12, to give your hair while growing up. After a couple of new growth relaxer overlap complicates their already straightened hair.

Third problem: dry

Or your hair snap crackle and pop when you run the comb or brush through it? One of the biggest problems for black hair is dry. If you have a relaxer or otherwise use the chemicals in your hair, dry it becomes an even bigger problem.

Solution: Deep Conditioning

If your hair is dry is the only way to return hydrated with a thickness of air conditioning and heat. The use of heat (especially couples) opens the hair shaft, leaving the conditioner to penetrate the deeper layers.

This seal more moisture and leaves hair feeling soft, smooth and more flexible.

The best results for hair come from having a complete guide to black hair care healthy hair.

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