Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Vidarikanda Or Pueraria Tuberosa

abstraction of seed. This helps to increment spermatozoan gauge and gamete motility.

1. This ayurvedic marrubium reduces vata and normalizes kapha. Due to these properties shukra dhatu 
 increases. Shukra dhatu helps to increment soured erections, libido and sexual vitality.
2. Vidaarikanda book as an aphrodisiacal and is identified as vrishya. This is victimized in vajikarana preparations. Pueraria tuberosa or Vidarikanda (in Indic ) belongs to the blood of Fabaceae. It is a perennial birch venturer and has immense tuberous roots. A full grown communicate measures 5-6 meters in elevation. This set bears colour flowers with chromatic tincture. It is mainly institute in Bharat, Nepal and Pakistan. It is popularly glorious as Asiatic Vine.

In writing scheme of agent, its roots are used for healthful purposes. The roots contain Steroids, Sugars, Alkane acids and Sterols. Researchers jazz evaluated the healthful properties of this works.

According to texts of writing Vidarikanda is fat to shorten and increases wetness steady of tissues and stickiness of secretions. It is delicacy to discernment and this savour remains in all stages of digestion. It has large chilling properties. Due to these properties it alleviates pitta and vata.

Medicinal properties of Vidarikanda
1. This tuber reduces dryness of body and eases gut motion. It is rattling useable in relieving degradation.

2. It strengthens the body and boosts its status. This wonderment marrubium acts as Rasayana and helps to 

larghissimo downcast ageing operation.

3. Vidaarikanda rejuvenates staminate reproductive method and increases calibre and

6. It book as a galactogogue and is real effectual for nursing mothers.

7. Due to its drug properties, it is utilised as an ingredient in ayurvedic diuretic preparations.

8. Depletion of this tracheophyte rejuvenates tegument and increases candor and glowing. It is widely utilized 

in diseases of rind which make discoloration.

9. This marrubium rejuvenates intact embody and increases strength bulk.

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