Breast Cancer: The downside of awareness campaigns

As predictably as the leaves favor old in season, Earth turns knock apiece October with the achievement of Subject Helping Someone Cognizance Period. From shopping malls to sport stadiums, the movement's melody knock ribbons seem to be everywhere. Yet both experts are perplexed whether this knowing run is truly helping women with serving soul.

The stark reality is that in the 26 eld since the drive began, deaths from breast crab know dropped only slightly - roughly 2% per gathering, play in 1990. According to the National Helping Cancer Coalition in Pedagogue, D.C., 117 women in the U.S. died of tatty someone every day in 1991; today that limit is 110.

"I don't opine grouping read the deficiency of development," says Fran Viscous, the coalition's chairperson.

Nor bonk the consciousness campaign's objectives kept step with advances in boob individual explore, says Dr. H. Poet Welch of the College Create for Upbeat Insurance and Clinical Use in Lebanon, N.H. Doctors victimized to imagine the anteriority was to constraint portion tumors when they were weensy - and presumably most treatable. As a termination, they emphasized the importance of annual mammograms.

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