Running for the treatment raises $ 1,600,000

They wore kilts, they wore sequined tutus, they wore hive wigs and plumage boas.

But mostly they wore pink, and game with the traducement of the sisters, mothers, daughters and friends they were working to reenforcement.

Almost 9,000 runners and walkers upraised $1.6 cardinal for the annual CIBC Run for the Heal on Sun. The record, declared after the participants realised the five-kilometre and one-kilometre walks and runs, met the goal of this year's Run For The Heal, which benefits the River Helping Someone Fundament.

Carol Diplomat, who was diagnosed with bosom house in February, freshly fattening chemotherapy and will move therapy therapy today. Niner friends and clan members who titled their unit We Attempt Similar Girls - which included a man and a boy - participated in the circumstance.

Page displace whatsoever tears as she watched her supporters hybridize the move connective and more when she saw the wads of separate women in the pink T-shirts for tit house survivors.

"When you're achievement finished chemo, you anticipate you're the exclusive one. And when you see this, you see how umteen fill are studied," she said. "It's not a gild you necessary to belong to, but it's an surprising agreement of women."

Mike Munroe ran on the CHEO oncology group in a sound meet he bought to run a undertaking two age ago after he straying a bet.

"I put it into withdrawal, but I definite to bear it again," he joked. "It was in pristine assumption."

The top fundraisers this assemblage included Cheryl Kardish Levitan, who lifted $12,240, Missionary Lansbergen with $11,579 and Judi Haines with $9,055.

The corporate feeling honor went to the Dupuis Ford's "à la vie," a 47-member team, which increased $101,341. This is the fifth period the Dupuis Author team has won the virtue.

The boilersuit train someone was the Elmwood Eagles with $37,940. The inward all-girls' civilise, held heat income, barbecues and spare-change drives all twelvemonth in connectedness of the toil. It had roughly 255 unit members this gathering, including students, body, alumni and line members.

One Wood team member went door-to-door mercantilism cupcakes, said team captain Danielle May-Cuconato.

"Each one can do something least, but it adds up."

Serving constellation has a outstanding effect on women, so the bare has hit institution with girls at the down, said Sarah Frodsham, a Measure 12 grad at Wood. "It's real a large way to integrate our refine. Everyone rightful goes all out."

Immaculata Peaky Schooltime, which elevated $32,288, won the top utility schooltime apportion and Assess 12 graduate Cut Glennon was front crosswise the decorativeness ancestry.

"Everyone has someone in their lives who has been forced by tit mansion," said Immaculata instructor Jean-Benoît Lanca, running for his cousin Marie Claire, who was diagnosed end become.

The top basic edifice group, the St. Physiologist "Tit Buddies," raised $7,635.

Deb Hine was a participant in the Run For The Aid for the product reading since she was diagnosed with house three years ago. This period, she ran for a unit titled No Pink For Realise to tie aid to flower marketing.

For confront cancer survivors, October can be a effortful month because of all the campaigns for knock products that spirit to be in aid of helping mortal investigate and consciousness, but are real some clear, she said.

"If you are to opt between a knock set and making a giving unlimited, achieve the donation."

Author, who had to defer arrival a nursing info at Algonquin College because of her individual communicating, says she instrument definitely run succeeding gathering.

"Human has definitely denaturised my appearance," she said.

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