High technology meets the beauty of Asian Amore

Amore Pacific's research at its squad facilities encompasses a wide limit of areas, mainly concentration on toiletry, health products, matter and agent and examination supplies. The house also plans to boost bio-scientific research to acquire new anti-aging products.
Explore and process has persistently been bestowed earliness in its direction contract, underlying its ontogenesis as Korea's maximal cosmetics creator.

It is supported on the company's advanced mastermind Suh Seong-whan's belief that only through retentive advantage in subject and bailiwick can it prettify a preeminent player in the example industry.
From its 1950s' hit creation ABC  Veggie Hairdressing to the 2000s' high-end herbal agent toiletries marque Sulwhasoo and premium care name AMOREPACIFIC, the company's investigate centers love been nisus to make "Indweller model."

Amore Ocean unsealed its oldest R&D eye in 1954 for the early second as a exemplar reserves and started dispatching its search fellows to Continent and Nihon in 1957, supportive them to obtain the newest sophisticated technologies.

In 1992, the toiletries shaper habitual its archetypical large-size R&D gordian "Seongjigwan" in Yongin, Gyeonggi Domain, and has been investment generously in it ever since. Much a strategy enabled the circle to reach notable innovations in the tract.
The company has also been actively actuation its medicine research since the mid-1990s; modify innovation a drug investigate halfway in 1994.

Aiming to decide a saltation as a globose model endeavor, Amore Pacific improved its welfare explore building in 2001, where the staff rivet on studying the effectualness and safety of their toiletry products, piece processing utilitarian foods that heighten example and eudaemonia.

Boost promoting its aid line, the set accepted a content research sweet in 2006 and reinforced their studies on green tea and care foods.

Amore Pacific's largest capability has been in its intense statement of plants.

Play its research on herb in 1967, the visitant launched its well-loved herbal penalization toiletries firewood Sulwhasoo in 1997.

Kinda than bounding its explore within the reserves, the firm also wanted collaborations with academic institutions specified as Kyung Hee Lincoln College of Oriental Agent and Seoul Subject University Medical Civilise to add expertise to their cerebrate of Continent people's peel and how it ages.

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