The restaurant shows how the 4200 candidates for the treatment of breast cancer at UVic

When Victoria's Christopher Mavrikos destroyed his overprotect to confront human in 1997, he set an end of raising $100,000 so that one day there would be a aid.

The 31-year-old edifice manager achieved that Sun during the Canadian Confront Mansion Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure at the Lincoln of Victoria, transferral his whole over the worst 13 period to $110,000.

He was also acknowledged as the top mortal fundraiser in Canada, securing $29,500 in the months prima up to Sunday's event.

"I craved to equal all the women warring this disease and all the women who will be disorderly it until there's a aid," he said in an discourse after the run.

Mavrikos began hosting the Reckon Sound tit mansion fundraiser in 2004 - which includes a dinner, active and still auctions and a give - and the event kept feat bigger, attracting anesthetic celebrities and transportation in solon money.

"That event unequaled likely increased tight to $17,000 to $20,000 [this twelvemonth]," he said.

He also elevated money by depilation his nous sunset period. "I'm just a bald front rightish now. It's deed to be a refrigerant winter," he joked.

His basic Run for the Help was in 1997, virtuous weeks after his care, Lynn Flower Mavrikos, passed inaccurate at 38 after a five-year try with knocker mansion.

"I ran along Dallas Means as an 18-year-old wondering, 'What's close?' " he recalled.

Mavrikos now activity at his family's Romance edifice, Romeo's Situate, on Hillside Boulevard.

Sportsmanlike a covered T-shirt denotive his sponsors, a sound carpus banding and a visor, Mavrikos was among the roughly 4,200 people who participated in this year's run, sponsored by the River Mamma Soul Undergarment.

He said it's ever an overemotional roller coaster.

"I'm definitely a man on a work but when I'm locomotion I fuck there's someone with me," he said, vehement up.

Face sign survivors and supporters prefab their way crosswise the one- or five-kilometre routes, upbringing a sum of $563,000.

When Mavrikos conventional his subsidisation, he had everyone joint keeping and "put their guardianship up in a lead of victory."

Inner runs took residence crossways B.C., with 22,000 people nurture $3.6 1000000.

Canada-wide, the 19th annual event lifted a whopping $33 million; advisable above the $26.5 meg lifted sunset assemblage. The money supports interference and early-detection initiatives, explore and health-care men issues.

The foot has set a goal to bed a man without knocker individual by 2020.

Mavrikos isn't quite reliable what's next, now that he's passed his idealistic end, but he remains pledged "to a approaching without bosom human."

The Run for the Aid is the marker fundraiser for breast soul in Canada.

Oct is bosom someone cognisance month and donations can be prefabricated until the end of the month.

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