Health benefits of beetroot juice

You're likely to eat beets, beet juice, but no glass there is pleasure? Researchers recently beet juice also can develop the brain, heart health, helps open the blood vessels and reduces blood pressure, but new research shows that it could not be found.

Another group of researchers from two days to eat breakfast with low nitrate, high nitrate in beetroot juice, together with the fourteen was a breakfast food. The nitrate and beet juice and how it affects people's brains, but MRI scans of the heads of each food group and type of food by switching to repeat the experiment. What is the MRI of this show? Nitrate in beetroot juice for a breakfast, the group of high level exchanges and the frontal parts of the brain is more blood flow. The more oxygen to cells and activate the brain, that means food.
What is great about nitrates and beet juice? Nitrates are chemicals that are open blood vessels. In fact, people with heart disease because they affect blood vessel dilation is used to treat chest pain. Only the nitrate to improve vascular function, and the formation of clots which can cause heart attacks, is reduced. And for the brain - beet juice to increase the flow of blood to the heart and blood vessels, the expansion of a rich source of nitrate.

To be studied only from the benefits of beet juice. In addition to its effect on the heart and brain, a study showed that, prior to being tired of those who drank the placebo bicycle pedaling again bikers who drank the beet juice. It increases stamina and endurance, as well as increased blood flow of nitrate and muscles, it is not surprising. If you are a bad thing for a cyclist.

In order to use beet juice to improve the health of the brain is the cost of sin. Beet juice is not cheap. A seven-ounce bottle on how to run $ 36.00. If you have a juicer the other hand, beet juice, you can at home for a fraction of the price. More flavorful, thanks to the bitter juice mixed with fruit juice. Or brain - your heart, do not correct for the power of this juice.

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