How to shave sensitive skin

Some people will experience a very unpleasant beard. , You have been shaving the skin is smooth, and then the red and that it is covered with a rash. You have got sensitive skin, if the occurrence of these problems are common. Some people with sensitive skin should take the measures before and after shaving, so we will cover tips for men and women under Shave.
Certain sensitive skin

Do you have sensitive skin to get a thin outer skin is thin. Blood vessels within the skin look pretty close to the surface in these cases. To achieve this easily irritated skin when hot, cold, commercial products and exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

You may end up bumps, dryness, redness and burning up, if you're not careful shaving sensitive skin areas. Sensitive skin is probably unwanted redness, dryness, blotchiness and changes in the external or internal development. Several independent clinical research groups and research institutes in the beard soft and unscented products for testing are best suitable for sensitive skin.

Sensitive Skin shaving useful tips
  •     Proper wet shaving, shaving before: use a little warm water, wet Shave carefully. This must be at least 5 minutes before. Shave after a shower to people with sensitive skin, and not before. wet hair is easier to cut. A razor blade will cause less damage to the skin in this case.
  •     Use a sharp razor blade: razor sharp blade is very important, if you have sensitive skin. Or use the razor blade and pulling the old can cause great irritation. Skin suffer more damage in these cases. A dull razor blades can cause burning sensation. Glide smoothly over your skin, not the blade. rub the skin and were only trying to remove facial hair.
  •     Do not use the bathroom shaving products: sensitive skin should always buy the products labeled as "odor free" or free drying. Potential side effects if you use much less secure products. Commercial products are especially important for sensitive skin with a lower pH value of the component. Experts recommend people with sensitive skin products with natural ingredients. Also, you need products that are paraben or methyl paraben preservative as butyle search. However, the antibacterial ingredient or botanical products, you should avoid. Do you moisturize your skin is supple and well hydrated properly.
  •     Lather up where you're shaving: shaving your legs or underarms if you are shaving, you need to remember the good lather. You can use mild soap and a low pH, or the words "sensitive skin" shaving.
  •     Be patient: Do not rush when you should start Shave sensitive skin areas. Do not use a razor blade on the skin areas that have been already Shaved off. You end up burning or itching immediately you run the blade over the area if it does not have Shaved. Another five minutes is a beautiful, slow, hard and very annoying effects such as redness, dryness, and blotchiness as to avoid to spend.
  •     Try to drive less, your skin to burn a lot less if the razor blade with fewer strokes. Responsible and effective use of each stroke.
  •     Do not march against the growth of hair: You must always walk in the direction of hair growth. Less pulling and irritation razor blade stroke occurs during the grain of hair growth. It is almost immediately lead to the opposite direction, shaving irritation.
  •     Leave the potentially dangerous area: Hair loss of sensitive skin is a bit more than usual, and then started pulling issue. the potential of ingrown hairs are pretty high if you have extended to cover more than one unit.
  •     Bark on a regular basis: Use a good scrub at least once a week to clear. Dead skin cells that cause damage to the skin so perfect. Sensitive skin to remove dead cells also released on trapped in the hairs.
  •     No holes to reduce the importance of the wish to avoid razor bumps. These bumps can cause significant irritation or scarring. a razor blade on the run as soon as they start bleeding.
  •     Moisturizes the skin is a regular basis: this is important to use a cream with aloe. Always buy "sensitive skin" moisturizers alone.

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