Read My Lips: How to get soft lips

The skin on the lips are special, as it is very different from the skin to find the rest of the body. For one, the lips on the skin are more sensitive, because it is thinner, three to five layers of cells in relation to sixteen layers to the rest of the body. In addition, the skin on your lips has no sweat glands. This means that the skin without a protective layer of sweat and oil, which is more prone to dryness. Constant exposure to UV light to heavy and strong cold winds can cause the skin on your lips are dry, and cracked a time (note Picture mountaineers climbing Mount Everest or people crossing the desert). No amount of roses that can solve your lips look when it happens, unfortunately. For your lips look their best, must be in the best conditions.

Pair of soft lips, along with the eye, plays an important role in the creation of an attractive person. According to studies, oral greatly enhances the attractiveness of the person, because it is a visible expression of fertility. He said that the increased amount of estrogen in the body, large eyes and fuller lips. No wonder that the most beautiful women in the world are filled with beautiful eyes and pouting. Here are some tips to keep lips soft, smooth and attractive.

Drink up! The only way to combat dry excess moisture. For soft lips, has increased its intake of water and make your kissers damp inside.

Being the Catterpillar. Start changing your diet and munch on fruit and vegetables. Vitamins and nutrients metamorphasize surely your lips and give you a healthy body to boot.

Although it may seem a quick and convenient dry, avoid licking your lips. Moisturizes lips for a short period of time, but in fact the cause of dryness. Now, this advice is easier sad than done, because they can be aware of it, but try to train him to keep to a minimum. Or you could just slather on some lip balm, so there is no need to lick their lips.

Exfoliate. Dry before removing the skin moisturizer is the best way to keep your mouth healthy and attractive. Wipe the top layer of your lips will leave the new skin to be hydrated. No more flakes! One way to prepare your lips for that hydration soft brush and scrub your lips soft and moist circular fashion. The second is a gentle scrub sugar or salt on my lips wet (make sure there early in advance) in small circular movements.

Moisturize. There are a number of lip moisturizers in various forms on the market today, as well as natural moisturizers such as butter and honey. At the time of moisturizing lip, to keep an eye out for the shea butter and vitamin E, which are both known to keep skin healthy. Use these products and apply a moisturizing lip religiously throughout the day.

Arm your lips from the sun. Especially during the summer. When you're in the sun, do not forget to bring your lip balm with at least SPF 15 not only your soft lips kissably not have any burns.

To acquire the habit of the night. Before going to bed, to steal some Vaseline on the lips. The skin absorbs the petroleum jelly, while you enjoy a good night's sleep. Expect amazingly soft and wet your lips when you wake up.

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