How to lighten the skin's natural

As they age, dark gray, and you can start from the sport. Before that time, such as skin tones, and not as light as that is. constantly exposed to the sun can lead to a dark leather. If you are not ready for them to cover more of these adverse changes can be frustrating.

Good news, of course means that the skin may be light. restoration of the natural glow of skin is an easy-beaten air.

Here's a collection of useful natural whitening tips:
Natural Skin Lighting Methods
To prepare a Natural Skin Whitening Cream

Lemon juice and egg white lightening cream at home, leather can be used to create.

  •     Take equal amounts of lemon juice and egg yolk.
  •     Heat a small pan mix the two. This will wait until the semi-solid mixture.
  •     Now, remove the cake pan in a jar and save it. Be cool in a refrigerator jar.
  •     15 minutes before rinsing, and paste it into the skin, please visit the wait.

It is very effective to remove the tan. The skin tone you want to get up every day, use this cream.
Regular sunscreen use

leather, bright and fair way to easy for one to use sunblock on a regular basis. SPF 15 sunblock cream, or any of the above can be used as a.

In the morning, wash your face and apply cream. times for the sun cream on your skin for a long time will protect you. In this case, the skin tone prevents unwanted changes.

At the same time, the harmful UV rays caused a number of other sunscreens prevent skin diseases. Wet your hands around the most important areas. Thus, in this area Keep in mind that the regular application of sunscreen.
Exfoliate at least once a week

Exfoliating once a week by at least get rid of dead skin cells. This peeling skin more dark spots, freckles and skin damage if the development is important for the aging. dead skin cells naturally, be glad to clear skin. Skin will appear brighter, and more than a month to continue this practice.
  •     the fourth a cup of milk with brown sugar and oats and mix two teaspoons help.
  •     To get more mixed up in a semi-solid paste stir.
  •     This paste using a soft start rubbing your face. Be gentle as possible. Emery should not lead to more damage to the skin.
  •     Time to face with clean water rinse and finished at the end of a moisturizing cream to wash.
Homemade Skin Whitening Mask used at least once a week

Homemade masks to lighten the leather is often used. Application of the mask, and a comfortable couch and watch TV a rest. home at least once a week using the mask, two or three weeks will be tangible results.

Preparation and implementation of a home is very easy to mask.
  •     First of all, cucumber juice, lemon juice, tomato juice and a tablespoon of sandalwood paste are.
  •     Applies to all sectors of the front paste carefully. Dries to wait until now paste it into your face this.
  •     Wash your face with clean water and the humidity is at the end.
4 week program is a regular mask for a home, you will be a natural skin bright.

Use of Licorice Extract

a component of licorice extract from the skin's natural glabridin A whitening available. Licorice extract can be found in health stores near you. If you can not extract from the licorice for the health of some online stores can search on.

Morning and evening, wash your face and apply a thin layer of extract. Licorice extract from the skin to be applied prior to hydration.

A cool, dark place in the store, if that can continue for a long time fresh licorice. Some people develop allergic reactions to licorice extract.

You, on the extract from the damage and allergic reaction to an extract from a small amount of hand-applied to control before.
Use of natural skin whitening mask

This is a very very easy to mask a home whitening.
  •     It is a teaspoon of boiling water and steep a cup of dill, and Desktop.
  •     Wait for at least 40-60 minutes. About an hour later, all plants do remove the glass of water.
  •     Add the buttermilk a tablespoon of water is. Immediately a light in the face with water and buttermilk are mixed.
  •     The mask of at least 15-20 minutes and rinse with clean water for bleaching on the face should be.

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