Mucous in the throat pay: What color or dark brown and yellow lining show?

Lower respiratory infection with cough of any time that the sticky liquid to wonder why? This is a type of mucus secreted by mucous membranes. He, who was the medieval times, the mucus was one of four physical humor. This physical humor that affect the health authority is the body of fluids. Cold and humidity, with the mucus to the property. This mucus was related to a person who was apathetic and sluggish behavior. Thus, the old has been upheld by the words believe in the word phlegmatic. We know more coughing up phlegm.

Slim Color Guide
The color of mucus can help diagnose many health persons. Mucus in different colors in different types of infection is. If you understand the meaning of the color and the mucilage following infection will lead to better or more.

  •     White mucus: This color is white or clear phlegm is a sign of a healthy body means.

  •     Bright yellow mucus: a bright yellow mucus is a sign of a functioning immune system. In this case, your body and immune system at the beginning or end of a sinus infection is difficult to combat. This viral infection is a sign at the top of the airline.

  •     Dark yellow mucus: This is a bacterial infection, or upper respiratory tract infection.

  •     Brown mucus: mucus Brown color meaning often connected with the people of the smoke. Saliva mixed with mucus, you can find. When you spread slime, granular structure can be found for it. In this case, the total damage to the cilia found COPD patients is mixed with the dust and foreign matter. You want a cigarette, brown mucus color for the resin will be sticking to it. You may exacerbate respiratory problems such as respect for the main, if only to reduce smoking on.

  •     Green slime: slime green color you have been infected with pneumonia, and the gross domestic cases can be found is the micro-bleedings. This enzyme is a so-called green the color of bone myeloperoxidase (MPO) for the green. White blood cells of bacteria and viruses in white blood cells more involved.

  •     Bronchitis is a benign symptom of blood in mucus: mucus Color of Blood. This mucus is often streaked with blood. If you coughing up large amounts of blood, it may be a sign of TB as a serious disease. Than the normal amount of blood you need to call emergency medical attention.

Slim Production
The mucus produced in these lungs, throat passage, bronchial tubes, nose and respiratory system cavity.Know bronchials and other agencies are waiting for much more mucus.

Applications phlegm
mucilage is used as follows:
  •     System at that time to help overworked mmune

  •     In this case, all the bacteria, viruses, trapping dust and other foreign assistance

  •     This is an infectious organism infection and possible damage to the lungs helps to protect against the
  •     At the same time, all of the respiratory system is protected

On the basis of mucus and lead to
An important symptom of a respiratory infection, such as mucus serves. In this case, one can say the following diseases:
  •     Acute respiratory infection
  •     Pneumonia
  •     Bronchitis
  •     Bronchiectasis
  •     Tuberculosis
  •     Lung cancer
  •     Asthma.
  •     Chronic sinusitis

Avoid the slime
To prevent the development of mucus, phlegm the following guide to keep you free from a barrier to wind.
  •     Stop smoking. This mucus is one of the reasons for the development of the most possible.
  •     Room temperature, drink plenty of water.
  •     Healthy food and drinks for a healthy immune system helps you to stay strong.

This is a little bit about the importance of color phlegm and mucus. You control the color and sticky cough, phlegm out disgusting. If you feel a visit to a doctor about diagnosis and treatment incorrect. I think that even the general's view on the possible pollution, but is separated from the body of a warning you know works. Then, break your inhibitions mucus material gives you a taste of color.

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