Just what is body modification, and why we do not have the Alter

Just as the title suggests, is a change in your body literally changes how your body is furnished and decorated. In some societies is considered normal, while in others it is considered as a separate threat to society. What are some examples of body modification and the reasons for the changes. An example of these changes have tattoos, piercings, implants, scarring, and branding. What are reasons why people do not That a person who has been unable to respond. Many drastically change the appearance of the body to achieve the "Shock Value" and attention they desperately without taking into account the long-term effects, while others have a psychological need to change their appearance and shape. Let's examine each type of change separately, and possibly get some idea of ​​why people choose to modify their bodies.
Tattoos Tattoos are an art-pieces, which people adorn their bodies in order to always remember something, or study. Although many do not see the tattoo as a work of art, they are really missing out on great applications of light, color, shading. Some people work just as well if not better than Rembrandt. To get a tattoo on a person goes into the studio and can choose either the finished models or one custom made. When a piece of the decisions, so the tattooist collects his / her equipment and get to work. The tattoo is applied the tattoo gun, which is similar to that of electromagnetic motors. Motor protection switch to drive the pins inserted in place, this pin is connected to the rings tattoo gun. The needle itself is made of metal and the magnetic response, when imported into the electromagnetic field, it slides along the slot is located, because it will slide off the rubber to pull it back. This process happens thousands of times per second. Then the artist applies a matrix or form you want to tattoo the customer wants. Once this is done, the artist may work by dipping the needle specialty inks and pull through your skin. What happens is that the needle is literally creating micro tears in the skin leaving a trail of ink. This is a tattoo. When the needle is used, it is as if a very strong feeling of scratching, I can not deny it hurts, but it is a strange sort of way exciting. What are reasons why people want to get a tattoo is a personal decision. For some, it is an explanation of why you are or what they feel. Some of the tattoos applied as a reminder of some of the events. While others are applicable to the religious significance of the tattoo. This is a very personal, private decisions.

Piercings piercing-just what it sounds like. Small Surgical Steel is part of the body diameter and a small piece of metal fell Put another hole in the needle. What is pierced by the restricted person, and asks the piercing. Some common areas have pierced ears, nose, lips, tongue, throat, web of fingers and toes, nipples, navels, penis, clitoris, labia, anus. Many seek to body piercing as a religious or spiritual event or a status symbol. What do you think it may be, it is a deep psychological need that stimulates the senses. It is always possible that a person who just wants to feel he may be, when the body is broken.

Implants, the implants are in the form body modification in which a person seeks to improve the body as it is a breast augmentation, or something a little more exotic, such as bumps or lumps on the head, neck, shoulders, or anywhere else a person may want. As far as thinking goes, just like everything else, personal. What implants are installed, I can not really say, except in the case of breast implants. It is a process in which the surgeon cuts along the underside of the breast or the areola, and the small bag in his pocket made for this purpose. Then, the doctor inflates a small balloon or a bag, either silicone or saline. The aim is clear that larger breasts.

Scars Scars, in the form of body modification, which dates back thousands of years. The peoples of South America, Fiji, Polynesia, and many other ancient cultures practiced art, ritual scarring. Today, this artificial change is gaining in popularity, and seems to be some sort of status symbol. This ritual, which is happy to pass hours of extreme pain in the form of patterns and designs cut into their skin with a razor knife or other sharp object. It is not uncommon for people to ignore this law. Probably a combination of pain, blood loss and shock.

CO-BRANDING, this type of change is still an underground activity. During this process, changes in a person is literally marked with a white hot piece of steel used on the skin. This is exactly the same thing as do farmers. It seems that the people who carried out this procedure to subscribe to someone else's property. Although it is unclear, because there is little information currently available to explain this law.

As with any act or procedure that opens the body's natural protective layer (epidermis) has features that are also significant risks in all of these changes. These include blood loss, infection, sepsis, death, shock, mutilation, humiliation, and a few other nasty little risk. Whenever the skin is cut or injured is an alternative to the bacteria into the bloodstream streams. If this happens, sepsis and bacteremia, or significant risk.

Each tattoo and body modification operations in the United States is obliged by law to be fully licensed and certified training for such changes. All equipment and sites are required to provide on a regular basis, and often a surprise inspection of the individual health boards and licensing bodies. This includes the requirement that all equipment is sterilized at the hospital and is able to pass the inspection and testing at any time. All companies and have a proof of liability insurance, and some states also require mal practice insurance. So confident that if you plan to visit a tattoo parlor, the unit is clean and the staff, and licensed by the state. Before intercourse Salon visit some states the website and see if they really are licensed and have passed all required testing and safety requirements. See also if this subject has any complaints or violations. May only save you thousands of dollars for a bad job or medical bills.

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