13 Reasons to Use Emu Oil For Health and Beauty Benefits

Emu’s oil is used for a long time to treat burns and wounds, joint discomfort, and even as anti-aging. Oral history tells us that Australian aborigines used it for hundreds of years for these purposes. It was not until recently that the known benefits of emus oil his way to the public. Many studies have been conducted to validate use, and will still continue to occur. Ask anyone who uses it and could find anything but happy, healthy people and positive results.

Here are the Top 13 reasons to consider the use of emu’s oil as a way to weaken the scope of the skin, muscles and joints.

1) This is a moisturizer. Emu’s oil is good for skin. This is a "transferal", which means he has the ability to penetrate the innermost layer of the skin, improves the ability of the top layer to retain moisture.

2) Emus Oil Lotion provides anti-aging benefits. Since this is transferal in nature, it helps to rejuvenate skin. By thickening of the inner layer reduces the natural tendency of skin wrinkles with age.

3) Emus Oil products for skin care with no greasy residue. It has properties which make it possible to mix oil and water in the cream that will leave your skin oily.

4) Do not clog pores. Murdered couple helps acne outbreaks. Emus Oil is not comedogenic, which means that no cause or aggravate the window.

5) It is assumed that there are anti-inflammatory properties. Many reports on the application say that emu’s oil cream goes a long way to reduce swelling of sprains, bruises and wounds. Reducing inflammation can reduce pain by 50%, according to published sources.

6) Can help wounds heal. Not only that emu’s oil is considered to be provocative, but it is also known as bacteriostatic, which means that it helps suppress the growth of bacteria. This may play a role in combating the risk of infection.

7) Has a low potential for skin irritation. In describing the likely cause inflammation of the skin, comparisons were made of the impact of water just putting the skin.

8) May help reduce pain caused by arthritis and joint swelling. For many users to reach the properties of oil make it a better choice than mineral oils to improve joint comfort.

9) Emus oil for sunburn relief as soothing and help recovery time. It has been used effectively to alleviate the discomfort and dryness of sunburn.

10) This helps to reduce scars and marks. Because of its healing properties and ability to penetrate the deeper layers of skin, emus oil products from some of the best-of-choice counter scar treatment.

11) Shows no side effects. Unlike most other anti-inflammatory treatment, emus oil, when used as intended, almost no side effects.

12) can act as a carrier for natural and botanical oils. These beneficial ingredients are delivered to the deeper layers of skin penetration due to its quality. If this works for emus oil, the benefits of these natural oils increase.

13) Contains fatty acids. Emu’s oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These and many known benefits of oil and are necessary for proper nutrition, immune response, and many others have received widespread publicity benefits.

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TonyEmuFarm said...

Tony EMU Farm-This is an important product in emu-farming. From the fat oil can be extracted. This oil gets absorbed in human skin within 4-5 seconds and reach the bones. Hence this oil is mainly used in skin ointments and also for various cosmetic products. Recent research shows that this oil serves as excellent medicine for arthritis. It is also used as a pain killer.

The fatty acids present in this oil decrease the blood-cholesterol level as per the modern research. Because of the medicinal value of this oil, western countries are capturing international markets by producting new cosmetics creams & lotions from this oil. India too has a great opportunity to enter in to international market.

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