Expensive Skin Care Products Contain Petrochemicals Just Like Cheap Ones

Before you buy expensive products for skin care you can find out what chemicals are contained in the fragrance. Almost all laundry detergents, creams and other anti-aging skin care products on the market today with a non-specific taste or smell.

The manufacturers are not required; the chemicals are used to create a fragrance because the recipe belongs to the category determined by trade secrets. This was relevant concerns in the past but not today.

If a company wants to create the same taste as the other companies, they can analyze the product to the lab to find out what it contains chemicals.

Environmental Working Group and other research teams have done it. Not because they wanted to steal any trade secrets. Perform an analysis to determine whether there are hazardous compounds such as phthalates are present.

Phthalates in various products of the person, including shadows, liquid soap, hair spray, nail polish and moisturizer is included. Gradually slow in many countries, the negative effect on health. You can enter the bloodstream through the skin and inhalation.

They disrupt the production of natural hormones in the body and cause metabolic disorders. The symptoms are difficult to diagnose and is often associated with other health problems such as diabetes type II. Chemicals are known to be toxic to the liver and testes. They are possible carcinogens.

Do you think that expensive skin strengthening cream does not contain phthalates? Do you think that only cheap products they are contained. If you think you are wrong.

EEC found for diethyl phthalate (one of the most dangerous because of its low molecular weight and the ability to pass through the skin) form in the products by Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Channel, Critique, Dolce & CabaƱa and Abercrombie & Fitch. Perhaps the designers should dress.

If you think about it, you realize that it is made sense for pharmaceutical companies to creams, detergents and similar products because they have the health care of the skin are the most important. Ideally, products should be free from added flavors, as well as the nature cause side effects.

Conclusion: Do not buy expensive products for skin care. Buy safe, natural products for skin care.

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