DIY Bath Oils' Amazing Health Benefits

Ah, good soak in a hot tub. Who does not love you?

It offers more than just clean - it's a great way to relax and relieve stress. In fact, soaking in the bath have become extremely popular in recent years because of its relaxing benefits, especially when using a soothing bath oil.

Oil bath year tradition of body care and health, particularly in the southern parts of Asia. It is believed that the oil penetrates deep into the skin to provide repair and rejuvenation. ("Employment of women, as we will need much more) with the right ingredients, nice bath oil can be given to provide several health benefits such as:

Preventing skin cancer.

In accordance with this web page / paper, oil bath helps in the prevention of viral diseases and jaundice in your body? She found that swim with the oil was observed to protect against skin cancer, and many people who have had an oil bath at least once a week since childhood have shown that they have stronger immune systems than those who did not do this .

Improved circulation.

Oil bath relieves fatigue and sleepiness, improves blood circulation. Oils for bathing, especially with sesame seed oil and coconut oil, relaxes muscles, relieves stiffness in the joints. It also reduces swelling, stiffness and pain in the joints, making it one of the best options for the treatment of rheumatism!

Aesthetic improvements.

We know the beauty of the increase in milk strange, but the pool with oils and gives an instant shine body. Bathing with warm oils said to help reduce the pain of the skin, and moisturize and soothe.

Today is a wonderful hobby and the honey vanilla bath oil, to give you a relaxing, calming experience. We all know how to fight aging of honey and skin damage, and therefore it is packed with vitamins A and C, it keeps the skin moisturized without being too harsh.

What on vanilla oil? We love your sweet smell! Vanilla oil helps reduce stress, improve mood and reduce their depression. Vanilla is also a sedative, such as properties, promote sleep and calm nerves. With a touch of light oil and some odor liquid soap or shampoo, foam is a mixture is a real treat! Enjoy!

Honey foaming bath oil VANILLA


1 / 2 cup honey
1 tbsp. vanilla extract
1 cup light oil (mineral, massage or baby oil)
1 / 2 cup liquid soap or shampoo, unscented


First Mix all ingredients in small bowl.
Second Place an oil bath in the small, clean bottle.
Before using a third shake vigorously and pour a cup in your bath.

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