What Causes Your Puffy Eyes? - Know Its Implications

Per orbital region, widely known as the area around the eyes is delicate and the most sensitive skin layer. Posted in the voltage constant movement of the eyeball, its part of our personality is the main area in which degenerative disadvantages, such as fine lines and bags are.

Bags under the eyes often associated with lack of sufficient sleep, or otherwise excessive duration of sleep and excessive crying. When you sleep, your eyes were swollen. The reason for this phenomenon is that the fluid in the body can easily be filled in the eyes when you sleep on your stomach. Nevertheless, he will eventually return to its normal appearance of several minutes after awakening.

But most people do not know what the main causes of under-eye bags. Bags under the eyes is a sign that may be due to hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, in which high levels of progesterone to the per orbital area look swollen. This could also be due to fluid retention in the body, including face, a condition known as Anadarko. This symptom is considered a sign of danger in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. You may suspect pregnancy induced hypertension, if your bags under the eyes in conjunction with Berry vision and dizziness. Excessive accumulation of fluid around the eyes can be caused by increased intake of salt or certain food allergies. In such cases it is expedient to seek professional medical care from diagnosis and timely treatment.

Along with this, other serious illnesses, which represents the bags under his eyes as a symptom of a condition called Graves' disease. Graves' disease, which is commonly known as hyperthyroidism caused by abnormal hyperactivity of the thyroid gland, which should promote normal metabolism. A large number of thyroid hormone increases metabolism and thus lead to buckling of the eye.

On the other hand, causes bags under the eyes may be associated with age. In this situation, you can apply topical medications prescribed by your dermatologist to prevent further sagging and create age ignores the effect. Do not forget to check the back of your eye care creams, lotions went optometrist can be a good place for bacteria, which in turn will lead to additional bags under his eyes. Carefully choose a sunscreen lotion lotion and because some of the ingredients also cause swelling.

There are other safe means to neutralize the causes of bags under your eyes. Sleep in an inclined position with the head slightly elevated with a pillow. This will prevent the accumulation of fluid in the area under the eyes. Can never remove makeup before bed, otherwise it becomes a medium for bacterial growth and causes other skin impurities. Always consider a reduction of excess salt and alcohol, to prevent other major causes of these undesirable symptoms.

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