There's More to Black Volcanic Ash Than Meets the Hair

220 Laboratories said a lawsuit against Kate Hudson and her hairdresser-guru-in-stars, David Babied, to the Supreme Court in Los Angeles, an oral contract with the lab. They claim that Hudson and Babied are illegal, trade secrets, fraud, breach of trust and contract, and 13 other crimes.
Well-kept secret ingredient in the products that convert said the hairdresser in the world, black volcanic ash from a remote tropical island of Tanner, Vanuatu, South Pacific.
Search more natural products is part of global efforts to healthy alternatives for those who find caring for themselves and their environment. Researchers recently found that the average woman, not knowing, 176 different chemicals, makes her body in everyday beauty.

This is not the first time volcanic ash in the medical care of the body was used. Volcanic Earth Vanuatu based selling provides the best beauty tips from Vanuatu, body exfoliating scrub exclusive Al, fine sugar crystals and volcanic ash. Scrub is the same color, fertile black soil. It is a kind of fine granulated sugar rubbed on the skin. Peeling action is grinding grain back and forth, the clearing of dead skin cells. After several minutes of treatment to melt the corn lightly scented, moisturizing foam.

One of the ashes of the cups user described it as "It's like dying your own hair. Black as squid ink things wherever you want it. I do not think I need a sponge to it in the soul, never remove. I was so glad we had a shower I spray hose as quickly as possible from the solution, so that they will not stain. My husband would kill me. "

Mineral-rich, oil-absorbent volcanic ash contains sulfur, which has been used for centuries to treat a wide range of skin diseases. Volcanic products, as they say, detoxification and rehabilitation of vital energy through the ancient minerals.

Now you can Ash Thermal mask or exfoliating scrub and also prepare and prime lips malaria, which is used as a base for lipstick, all with volcanic ash. In accordance with Kate Hudson and her partner, you can now also manage to fly away hair.
 It is surprising that pulverized the cooling of molten glass and stone, so by violent volcanic explosions can be created. The locals in the cheap state can be burned when they lifted up the ashes and use them to their fire for cooking, instead of collecting wood. Also that the area was covered with ashes. I'm sure when it comes to the final result is but a question of who will transform the ownership of precious liberal ash covered the plain around the base of the mountain Assure, the landscape in the background of the science fiction film?

However, there is another more important use of ash, the only nature could invent. At high-blown volcanic ash into the atmosphere, such as 1991, when Mount Pinatubo erupted experienced, it was the result of global cooling. Ash can remain suspended for several days and even up to recent years, screening of the sun and cool the earth. Does anyone believe that line of volcanic eruptions, the crisis in the world of global warming to answer? Nature will lend a helping hand?

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