Tips to Care For Your Nail Varnish

Nail polish is made of lacquer, which can be applied to his feet and toes, health and beauty. More generally, nail polish, aims to bring flowers. Health of the nail to protect Poland. The application of nail polish without any chemical additives, we are talking about nail polish.

Nail lacquers containing nitrocellulose, solvents such as ethyl acetate and butyl acetate. It can be transparent or colored organic pigments. Some of the key elements of nail varnish, resin, mean a film-forming solvents, plasticizers, pigments and solvents. Adhesive polymer resin to make as sure as the content of the nitrocellulose nail varnish with a fingernail.

Camphor or plasticizer polymer chains in the context of film-forming substances in a flexible dry after each use. Sparkling particles and pigments to add the desired color nail polish and a brilliant performance. General thickening of the nail polish shiny particles and supports the bottle. So that no change in color, UV stabilizers to resist sunlight.

Buying nail polish is not so simple. Choice of nail polish that really makes a difference in respect of parts of it. Importantly, we are sure that the paints do not contain the bacteria, because the solvent has been shown that resist these forms of life. However, the solvents are very sensitive to evaporation, which gives you a thickened polish. Experts say that color is only lasting one and a half years prior to evaporation.

You are now disappointed that you did, but here are some tips to extend the shelf-life of your color:

Tip: To remove the air of each polish, wipe the residue. Remove debris from the threads at the top of the bottle to ensure that closed. Sealed bottles to prevent evaporation of Poland.

Tip: Keep the bottle in the right place. Place them on a shelf in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Shelves and warm environments, the introduction of color, and part of Poland.

Tip: If you want to reduce the storage case, place the bottle upright paint, solvents and pigments department.

Tip: Some people use the lakes to reduce the impact coolers. to keep the cold color. However, be careful with this technique, because some colors are not suitable for cooling.

General color painted brown, red and pink. Most women use these colors in fashion and color of clothes. Currently, the nail color can be found in every shade and color you want. French manicure still mimics the natural color of nail polish in almost all parts of the nail white finish nails. In some lakes, which are darker in color, like black and are popular with punks and Goths 1970th However, the color was popular in the fashion world. Lucky also add color and life to your outfit. In some cases, men and women complete their clothes and compare them with the right cut.

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