Galvanic Skin Technology - The Power of Electroporation

What is electroporation?
Electroporation is a method to create temporary pores in the skin with a soft electric charge. These channels allow the ingredients of skin care products penetrate the skin 100-10000 times more efficient that just wiped the cream on top of the untreated skin. Various kinds of products, however, use different methods of electroporation.
Two approaches for the galvanic skin careTwo of the expansion of the active ingredients for skin care products deep into the skin (about 10 mm, or 4 / 10 inches) are:
· Electroosmosis, which increases the rate at which water passes through the skin, and· Iontophoresis, the process is mildly shocking skin pores to make them wider and more receptive to skin care.
There is actually very little moisture, even in the best moisturizing. Most of the outer layer of skin consists of a thick protein-filled cells known as corneocytes. Between corneocytes is a mixture of about 50 percent of ceramide (the same chemicals that appear on the label for humidifiers), 25 percent of cholesterol (cholesterol, which is the same in the arteries, but this time as the water-repellent), and 25 percent water .
There just is not so much water in healthy skin. If water flow is stimulated, however, water-soluble substances can be transported deep into the skin. Many ingredients of skin care products are not soluble in water.
To increase the absorption of lipophilic "ingredients, iontophoresis compares shock. They are open only slightly and temporarily become more penetrating oil-soluble components. The small current, less than enough finger power, enough to help many more of these ingredients into the skin to do its job. galvanic skin care products for home use are now available.
Galvanic Skin Care Plus Ultrasound
The best way to have any skin care product deep into the galvanic skin in combination with ultrasound. High frequency ultrasound creates tiny channels around the tight skin cells known as corneocytes. Electroosmosis stimulate circulation as water-soluble components can pass through these channels, even better.
I iontophoresis plus ultrasound creates multiple paths for beauty products, to get where they need to go. Or galvanic skin or ultrasound seems your beauty budget go much further, but to use them together, an idea. Especially if you use something like forskolin for the treatment of cellulite, or alpha-lipoic acid in the treatment of sagging skin, absorption rates are literally 1000 times more, using a combination of both methods.

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