Natural Beauty Advice - The Truth About Natural Ingredients

These days, most skincare and bath and body lines boast of natural plant extracts in their beauty products.

Supermarket shelves are full of cosmetic products containing Alive Vera, chamomile, lavender and other common vegetable extracts.

Luxury brands beauty boasts a plant extracts from less known sources, such as Crowberry and expensive ingredients such as caviar extracts and essential oil of rose. Some have even gone so far as to use only organic plant extracts and synthetic refuse in general.
Then there is mid-range of cosmetic brands that use a wider range of plant extracts, but avoid the expensive things. They may be green companies that care about the environment and to avoid animal testing in general. Let those even organic ingredients with more reasonable prices.

The common denominator is that the emphasis on natural ingredients.

In ancient times, before the invention of modern cosmetics, perfumes derived from nature. Flowers, plants, clay, vegetable oil, honey and beeswax are common ingredients in household makeup. The problem with these homemade concoctions that they can not keep. Bacteria and mold breed happily in those nourishing creams and masks. You'll need to use them immediately, and they have a shelf life is needed to make them commercially viable. Leave them too long before you use them, and you can get a nasty rash, acne outbreaks of mold or bacteria in your beauty treatments divorced.

Came oil products. While in the past, vegetable oils go rancid over time, to make creams and lotions, we now have cheap, synthetic oils, which do not go bad. These form base moisturizers and other cosmetic products for the mass market. In addition, modern science has given us countless cheap synthetic preservatives that inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi growth. Now beauty products can be left on the shelf for years, so today's cosmetics industry was born.

Modern science has developed new molecules that can deliver active ingredients deep into the skin, isolated chemicals that may help the skin recover and so many modern wonders of the doubt Beauty arena. No, the starting point of some discoveries in nature, as a plant with several medicinal properties. Lab would then isolate the chemical responsible for this purpose and to duplicate synthetically, or draw directly from the source and chemical patent for the sole use of the product cosmetic company.

Then why are natural ingredients so popular?

On the one hand, some of the synthetics, especially oil clog pores leading to acne outbreaks. Artificial colors and flavors, and many of these chemicals can irritate sensitive skin. Some people believe that natural skin care products that contain certain offensive synthetics to give them less of a problem.

Furthermore, even cosmetic products extracted laboratory components of grass, herbs and natural ingredients to give back to nature, tells you what plants, herbs and other sources of active ingredients come from, so in terms of, and may also assume that natural ingredients

Not all natural skin care products also. Jar Aloe Vera cream, the brand may contain from 1% aloe Vera, aloe Vera gel tube form another brand may contain 99.7% aloe Vera. Both countries are different products with aloe Vera, because they contain aloe Vera. See list of ingredients. One at the top of the list that this product mainly. One end of the list, the smallest percentage of the product.

Clarions skin care products usually contain up to 30% of the plant extracts compared with 10% in the most good for a line of skin care. Clarions use the interesting plants in my beauty products. For example, Clarions Super strengthen its range [] contains Pereira locate, an Asian plant known as the eternally young, dedicated effect of loss of the hormone on aging skin.

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