How to Look Your Best With Great Natural Beauty Treatments

Market for cosmetic procedures in the United States pays more than $ 50000000000 a year. Most of which 50 billion dollars in sales, unfortunately, is with products that do anything remotely good or healthy for you and your skin. Just for a moment and think about all the time and money you have spent, or should I say, you would save if you start on natural treatments that are already on the shelves today.

It not only a major backup test on animals, even to eliminate the risks of hazardous chemicals in your body. In this article we show you some simple but powerful natural beauty treatments that are inexpensive and very effective. Let's crack.

Did you know it or not enough food, which is now a component in all organic natural beauty products on the market? This fruit is a banana. Besides the fact that a lot of potassium, vitamins and minerals, it also makes wonderful generator of moisture for your skin and hair. To use a banana correctly, you should first break, and then gently on the operated area of the face and head rub. Some experts agree on skin care with each other, it is nice to add oatmeal to the mix, give this skin that extra shine.

We adhere Tropical; we are indulging in the next avocado. This is a very healthy fruits contain large amounts of oils, especially essential oils that we all know, play an important role in the skin. Unlike the banana, you must not break an avocado, just clean up and wipe your face and neck. In the case of puffy eyes, use diced avocado and put it under my eyes up to nine minutes. This will disperse into the tumor.

Last but not least, the good old olive oil. This classic. This is one of the best hand you can get a humidifier. Most people use cotton gloves while sleeping to improve procedures. Right before bedtime, to help your hands with olive oil, rubs it into the skin and pulled white gloves cotton. This is usually not white, but in most cases they are. In addition, the hand is also used to moisten lips and nails. Some experts say that hair is split ends healed. Another great trick is just a few drops of olive oil in a bathtub to take a bath to moisturize your skin throughout the body. Although the smell of olive oil is not very pleasant, we recommend that you mix them together with some essential oils.

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