Five of the Best Anti Aging Foods

We all know that your diet is one of the most important aspects of your anti aging skin care treatment plan.
Here are some suggestions
Fish Rich In Omega-3Fats

You may already beware that Omege-3 in fish such as tuna and salmon have positive effects on your heart and play very important role in helping reduce cholesterol.Did you know fish also hold anti-inflammatory effects?
The Omega-3 fats can reduce inflammation that can cause skin to produce wrinkles.If you are not into eating fish Walnuts and Flax seed are another great source of Omega-3.

Fruits Like Pomegranate And Blueberries

Dark-Colored Fruits Like Pomegranate And Blueberries are chock full of antioxidants that work to fight off free radicals that damage  your body and skin.

Treat Yourself With Chocolate

The occasional treat of treat of dark chocolate will boost your mood while actually helping your body combat the signs of aging.Dar
Chocolate is rich of antioxidants to fight off those  free radicals.The buckwheat in the pancakes are essential for collagen production,
which needs to be replaced as you age, and the chocolate will give your body that extra boost of antioxidants.


Eating a variety of nuts can give you many different kinds of benefits.Walnuts are super nut containing high levels of Zinc,Selenium,Iron,Magnesium and potassium that can aid in strengthening your cells.

But be careful that the nuts you eat are fresh-spoiled nuts can contain free radicals that can damage your skin.


The foods with the highest levels of vitamin C are iwi,Oranges and lemon which are also packed with antioxidant..

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jennysemon said...

These are awesome anti aging food tips.We can also take avocado,berries,garlic,ginger,watermelon,
green vegetable,soya etc.Water is also very necessary.

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