Homemade Sugar Wax for Hair Removal With Honey

2 tsp brown sugar

1 tsp honey

1 tsp water

You will need a knife or something flat to apply the wax and some cloth strips for peeling it off.

How to apply and used:

1- Combine ingredients in microwaveable container.i used a Pyrex measuring cup.you could also used the
stove instead of micro wave but you'd need a very tiny pan.
2-Cook mixture in the microwave or stove until it bubbles and turns brown.This part was challenging.If you not cook the mixture long time,it stays too soft and sticky.But if u cook it too long it turns into hard candy.I belive i cooked it for 30 or35 seconds.
3-Let cool.this is very important.You won't know if you've cooked the wax long enough until it cools down.If it's too thick,dilute it a little and try it out.

Brows,get ready for some waxing.


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viji said...

Seems to be something different. I would recommend it to some people.

elaInewinter80 said...

I was amaze everytime I read a post saying manual procedures of Bare hair removal like this is good for those who have not enough budget for hair removal treatment.