How To Get Rid Of Acne Marks Without A Dermatologist

Learning how to get rid of acne marks is for each person left a reminder of the acne outbreak on the skin. Acne marks the external gifts, most people suffer from outbreaks during puberty, and for some, a lifetime. Perhaps more important is that the marks on the skin, usually less than that, it leaves a scar on a person psychologically.  

There are many options, however, that can help you reduce or eliminate those marks. Smaller, lighter characters can be treated at home with OTC products and natural remedies. Large, deep characters can be removed (or decrease) to a dermatologist.
Home remedies and OTC / natural products listed below, it was shown working in varying degrees for those who have tried them. Some of the proposals rather temporary solutions, while others offer continuing support. Since you are a physiologically unique person, you may have to try several (or all) of them before you find one (s) that work best for you. The following list, in alphabetical order and, therefore, not in any particular order, efficiency and durability.
Aloe Vera: 

Aloe Vera Gel is one of the best non-medical treatment of acne marks. The application of the gel directly onto the affected area. Pure aloe vera works better than aloe with additives.
Cocoa butter: 

Cocoa butter is available in almost all drug and grocery store. Cocoa butter is good for reducing the grade and treatment of the skin (smells better than many of the other tools too). Just follow the instructions on the package.
Drink lemon juice:  

fresh lemon juice (per day) will help reduce the signs of acne, because it increases the efficiency of the body in shedding dead skin cells.
Drink plenty of water: 

Most people do not drink enough water to keep your body hydrated properly. This is especially important when you're trying to get rid of acne marks, as water is essential for the body to get rid of dead skin cells. How much water also helps to influence skin to look better and helps to prevent the outbreak of the window.
Egg whites: 

Apply a little beaten egg whites into the affected areas before bedtime. Let dry and rinse the next morning. Works as to prevent acne and reduce marks.
Skin and lemon juice: 

Apply lemon juice directly to the affected areas. Lemon juice makes it easy to make and undermine, over a period of time, the upper layers of the skin that make up the signs. You can clean the face with lemon juice if you like: it does a great job of UN-clogged pores. If lemon juice is burning, you can dilute it a little clean water before use.

Garlic is doing an excellent job of preventing acne, as well as the attenuation of window brands. Crush the fresh garlic and apply on affected area. You should try to keep the garlic on the areas within 30 minutes, longer if you can. Rinse thoroughly. This method works fairly quickly, with some people claiming significant improvements in as little as four days a week.

Honey is doing a great job of damping plates. Apply to the affected areas and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Use ice in the vicinity of 10 to 15 minutes a day reduces inflammation and redness, and overall ease of the brand. Never apply ice directly to the skin, wrap ice in a thin cloth before use.
Lavender oil: 

 Lavender oil does a good job on the signs of acne. Wash your face with warm water to open the steam (be sure the water is warm, not hot), apply lavender oil directly on the mark and rub in gently.
Olive oil: 

Olive oil is a super-duper. It is a great addition to any diet. As for the traces on the face, apply a small amount of oil in the area (or the whole face if you wish) before going to bed and massage in well. Leave on overnight. The oil should be completely absorbed in the morning so easy to wash as usual. Olive oil makes a very good job at reducing the visibility of signs.

Sunscreen will not do anything to remove the sign or make it disappear. However, the inability to cover the label sunscreen before going out in the sun can cause the sign to become darker and more noticeable. Do not undo the progress you are making, using some of these methods are not able to use sunscreen.

Tomatoes are a great healing properties for skin damage. Tomatoes are also bleaching quality. Slice the tomatoes and keep it at around 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat daily until the score disappeared.
No one should live life with a reminder of the flash window. No one should also have to spend hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to get rid of this reminder. One of the suggestions above (or a combination of several) will work for most people.  

Try these suggestions to get rid of acne marks, before spending your hard earned money (sometimes) painful medical procedures.


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