Major Causes of Bad Breath in Adults

Different causes of bad breath in adults are already  involved with our daily activities. Many people around the world may have experienced embarrassing situations arising from foul smelling breath.This is highly uncomfortable and very common problem yet.That is why awareness of possible reasons causing bad breath is very much necessary.
Several causes of halitosis can be summarized and discussed below.

1-Dry mouth is one of the major reason of halitosis.Excessive consumption of alcohol and coffee may cause a dry mouth.Saliva is a component of oral fluid it helps in the natural process of cleansing,chewing and swallowing of foods. The dry environment encourages the growth of anaerobic bacteria which has major role in enhancement of awful breath odor.

2-Smoking habit is another cause of halitosis among adults.

3-Improper digestion system is also a contributing factor of bad consumption habits.Generally because a poor digestion system the food may start to rot in the upper digestion system causing a very uncomfortable mouth odor.

4-Food like onion,garlic,cabbage and few other spices have very strong odor.During the digestion process bad smelly gasses are produced and may get exhaled through our mouth.

5-Sommetimes high protein foods also play major role in halitosis.Protein in food contains amino acids dense with sulfur a highly stinking component .As a result while the oral bacteria harvest on the protein food leftovers,the released waste compound creates uncomfortable odor out of it.

6-Unhealthy lifestyle may also cause this problem.Foods are continuously consumed.But at the same time if teeth and tongue is not cleaned properly automatically create bad smell in our mouth.

7-Sometimes sinus infection is also one of the major causes  of bad breath in adults.

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