Homemade Recipes for Lip Gloss

Today Lipstick has become lip gloss and has been widely used by all.

One can simply make lip gloss at home making it home can be exciting,tasty and fun.

1- Recipes for homemade lip gloss:

You will need:

1-10 to 12 fresh cranberries

2-one tablespoon of almond oil

3-one tablespoon of honey


First place all ingredients in bowl and put it in the microwave for few minutes. After

mixing and crush all cranberries.Then the voltage fence to the elimination of whole pieces

of fruit.Now you are ready to use and you have  put in an airtight container shortly.

2-Chocolate lip gloss:

Your will need:

1-Having chocolate chips 4to5

2-About 2 tablespoons of cocoa butter

3-One capsule of vitamin E


Put all ingredients in a large kettle and blend well.After that mixed with a spoon.everyone

can use this homemade lip gloss.But pour into a small jar and keep in a cool place to make

the edge of bright solid chocolate.

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