Seven Steps To Prevent A Root Canal

Contrary to popular belief regular flossing and brushing cannot prevent a root canal.why?A root canal can happen from having an infection or decay that is so large that the pulp nerve of the tooth becomes exposed.

Here Seven Steps To Prevent A Root Canal

1- Maintain a regular dental regimen with flossing and brushing to avoid getting cavities in the teeth your still have.Brushing and flossing twice a day is recommended.
2-See your dentist regularly.

3-Get your cavities filled promptly.Bigger cavities means bigger filings don't put it off because they can grow quickly.

4-Receive a fluoride treatment from your dental hygienist when you go in for your cleanings. Most people opt not to receive fluoride because of the $15-$20 out-of-pocket cost or rinse too quickly after receiving the treatment. They are doing their teeth an injustice! Fluoride helps mineralize the weak areas in your teeth and is essential to preventing cavities

5-Eat balanced diet and include vitamin C,dairy and fish.

6-Avoid amalgam fillings which have the tendency to pull away from the tooth and create pockets for bacteria to enter and multiply.

7-Eat foods that help to clean your teeth so cheese and celery are foods that are proven to help clean teeth.

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