Homemade Beauty Care Tips

Beauty is the most desired factor for men and women.Many people don't understand that looking beautiful is not
so difficult.It is said that health is wealth if one is not healthy he/she doesn't loo attractive and beautiful.

The Following are some homemade beauty tips for you:

1-If your are planning to break out take the egg yolk and apply on your face.

2-If you spot on the face have a tea bag in it for a couple of minutes.

3-Drink at least two liter of water every day.but dry skin people should more water.

4-Mix Espom salt and baby oil together and rub over the whole body.then take a bath.This mix makes the skin soft and silky for about three days.

5-Red spot is a common problem with sensitive sink.bog cotton pad in Vaseline eye  drops.it is possible to use a band aid to prevent the grain and leaves for about 15 minutes.

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