Causes of dark circles under eyes

The most common causes of dark circles under the eyes of Urdu.The causes dark circles under the eyes and how can we get rid of dark circles under your eyes? Well the first step, of course, to know problem.And some tips for your eyebrows.

Because of the imbalance in the diet

Because of Insomnia

Stress, stress, anxiety

Studying in dim light

Handicraft work, or other fine work

Because of the severe illness


Not having breakfast

Do not use glasses instead of the visually impaired

All these causes dark circles under the eyes.

For the strong eyebrows and eyelashes:

Use olive oil with cotton on the eyelashes and eyebrows

Take a warm drop of milk or cotton cloth in it, and a place on the lashes.

Castor oil is good for eyebrows and eyelashes

Mix honey and olive oil and apply to your eyebrows and eyelashes so

Mix honey and castor oil and massage this mixture on the eyelashes using cotton

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