Yeast Infections in Women Are Very Common

Fungal infections in women are often very annoying, but curable. About 75 percent of all women infected at least once in their lives, and many will be tempted to get them more often. Some factors can also precipitate a fight infection. One problem is that women's self-diagnosis of fungal infections and works in a pharmacy for over-the-counter medications (such as 7 or Monistat Gyne-Lotrimin) for the treatment of early signs or symptoms of infection if it can not be that them.

Yeast type fungus that is usually found in the vagina is normal. About 20 to 50% of healthy women in the vaginal area Yeast. When she grows can cause an infection caused by itching, burning and discharge. The most common symptom is itching, which is 95 percent of the time in all cases.

Causes of vaginal infections:

- If you take antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections or respiratory infection (or other infections), vaginal yeast can grow to unhealthy levels and cause infection.

- Women with a suppressed immune system (when taking cortisone-related medications, for example) tend to develop infections more often than women with normal immune systems.

- Use of the soul, or vaginal sprays, scented hygiene can increase the risk of vaginal infections.

- Women who are pregnant, have diabetes or are taking oral contraceptives may be prone to the development of vaginal infections.

Vaginal infections are not considered a sexually transmitted disease or infection, however, men may develop symptoms of infection after sexual contact with an infected partner. In addition, in rare cases, a person may develop thrush because of weak immune system or prolonged use of antibiotics.


If this is the first time you experience infection, visit the doctor must be in order so that they can take a culture to look at it under a microscope to confirm that this infection. Any subsequent infection, as a rule, have the same annoying symptoms and can be treated with over-the-counter medicines. If symptoms persist, however, it is important to make an appointment with your doctor as there may be something else, a fungal infection. In addition, doctors may prescribe stronger medicine than what you get over-the-counter, which will take care of the infection faster.

Wearing 100% cotton underwear is also good practice to help with moisture, as moisture trapped against the skin to stimulate the growth of yeast. Many women also eat yogurt with "active cultures", as part of their diet to avoid infection.

Fungal infections can affect other areas of the body. It is common for women to develop infections under the breasts. It is referred to as diaper rash where the skin folds such as under the breasts, in contact with each other and because of the warm, moist environment may develop a fungal infection. Symptoms redness, swelling and itching occurs. Untreated infections in the folds of skin can be preserved and will take time to leave.

Children can also get yeast infections in the mouth called thrush. Symptoms of thrush may be seen as white spots and ulcers inside the mouth. Pediatrician must diagnose thrush and appoint proper treatment for his treatment.

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