The beat face tips:How to make natural body lotion and face lotion at home

How to make natural body lotion and face lotion at homeHow to make natural body lotion and face lotion at homeHome lotions and creams are cheaper and just as affective storebought lotions, but with some additional advantages, such as the fact that they do not require preservatives. Creating your own home lotion is a good idea because it means you know every ingredient contained in them, and you know that all of them good for your skin.

But before you can start cooking your own homemade lotion recipes there are several things you should know.

All face and body creams require three basic componets. Liquid oil, water and emlusifier which serves as a binder to hold the oil and water from separating. Adding a solid oils like coconut or shea butter to thicken your recipes lotion them. Adding more water fine them. However, always remember that the addition of water lotion recipe makes it easy for bacteria to grow, so that these lotions should be refrigerated or used within a reasonable period of time.

You can also experiment by adding different essential oils and herbal extracts to your recipes lotion. Click here to read about the properties of many commonly used botanical extracts and oils essentail.

Some of the lotion ingredients that you may find you already have at home include:
Olive oil
Sesame oil
Orange juice
Green tea
Fennel seeds

Some of the lotion ingredients you may need to be purchased separately, include:
Essential oils

Aloe Vera Gel
A simple recipe for homemade natural face cream.

To begin with warm water and an equal amount of vegetable oil on the stove. The best way to warm up the oil by placing it in the pot and then placing the bank into a pan of hot water. You can then heat the water in a separate pan. Start with half a cup each.

Then add about two tablespoons of beeswax in the oil vessel, and let it melt. As soon as he disappeared in the oil, slowly begin to blend some of the hot water to the mixture. Your lotion becomes thinner depending on how much water you put in, so stop adding water once it gets in the sequence you think this is good. Keep in mind that it will thicken more as it cools.

That's it. That's all it takes to make your own home or face cream for the body. Now all you have to do is let it cool down.

From Cowes, most people want to add to this basic recipe with herbs and essential oils to make a lotion for skin care that is more personalized for their skin type. It's pretty easy to add herbs to just let it steep in boiling water until they make a good tea, and then filter the water before adding the oil. You can also add fruit juice, and essential oils. Just remember, you need to cool your cream or use it quickly, as it contains no preservatives and will spoil quickly.

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