Importance of Milk Teeth - Why Is It Important to Care for Your Child's Teeth

Common sense would lead most of us, believing that the teeth do not require any treatment, as they eventually fall off. Most parents report a dental clinic only to seek relief from pain or pain that the baby / child complains. It is not uncommon for parents to be funny, if your dentist offers radiographs (X rays) and writes a broad plan of treatment for this problem and provides a list of To Dos to preserve and protect the teeth in the future. They often wonder whether in fact the child has to go through all this for the baby teeth that will fall in due time, and new teeth will erupt! Or not the dentist just prescribe some medication for pain relief? or, rather, just pull the tooth from?

Each body part grows according to functional and structural requirements. Baby teeth that are important to develop skills in chewing, biting, swallowing, speaking and smiling, as well as to perform these functions up to 12-13 years.

Eruption of deciduous teeth, and their incidence of permanent teeth replace timing sequence. Any missing or communication failures in the chain of events that can lead to problems in the permanent set of teeth, which will persist into adulthood and require more complex treatment. Moreover, it would also interfere with the function of language, smile and swallow.

Thus, for structural and functional harmony mouth to thirteen years old, baby teeth, presumably to their care, any decay / cavities in their treatment, their timely appearance and fall controlled.

Decayed / bits / aching tooth will prevent the child's ability to chew food and, consequently, lead to inadequate nutrition during the formative years of life.

Healthy without evidence of disease of the mouth, provides the correct language development, nutrition, and adds shine beautiful smile to assist in social interaction.

In addition, the teeth must take care to promote healthy, properly organized permanent teeth.

As for the removal or extraction of decayed / milk tooth ache, the dentist decides, depending on the child's age and the possibility of successful treatment. Even if the tooth is removed to it in time for fall, the dentist would suggest how to save space to allow proper eruption of permanent teeth and development functions. Is there a dentist as soon as the first tooth erupts and inculcate the habit of visiting the dentist every 6 months since my childhood. 

It would go a long way in nipping in the bud dental problems, ensuring a healthy smile throughout life and also reduce the financial burden and loss of time and labor due to the complicated treatment procedures in the future.


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