Tips for Dying Your Hair at Home

Advice for dying hair at home - Dying your hair is not an easy job. This should be done by professional and badly applied hair color to destroy your personality, rather than improving. Some people can not afford to visit a barber for hair dying. They can have the desired look at home just taking care of several things.

Here we give some basic tips for hair dying at home.
Long braids should be connected before you start painting them. A special set of contacts and hair fasteners 
are used for this purpose.
Always have enough hair color around you. One package may not be enough, and it can ruin the whole 

Avoid dying entire hair. Dry only that the hair that needs color. Apply color to the re-grown hair, linking to 

other nearby hairs.
Leave the hair color is used for some time. Time recommended by hair color manufacturing companies. Do 

not take more time than recommended. Washing before the recommended time may not have the desired 
Nice to rinse hair after color. Drops of water must be removed completely different color can ruin your 

clothes. For added protection, you can take some rough suit before applying hair color. Other than the color 

of their clothes to spoil the hair can not stay.
Comb your hair well after application of hair color. This helps in even distribution of hair color through the scalp.

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