Hair baldness treatment

Healthy hair is a gift from God. Thus, we must take care of our hair at any cost, and we need to learn different ways to make your hair healthy and strong. Hair transplant surgery and other processes are very expensive, most people can not go through this process. So I am sharing some home remedies for treating hair fall.

First we must know the causes of thinning hair and hair loss. The most common cause of hair loss in women acute shortage of iron, which can easily be corrected with iron supplements. Who wants to absorb iron from food may require yogurt and yogurt.

Additional results can be birth control pills, hormonal changes after childbirth or menopause.

As men age, hereditary factors, and male sex hormones, especially for hair loss is responsible.

Since zinc is required for nutrients to the hair roots, minerals should be fed properly. Foods like cheese, brewer's yeast, oysters, sesame and poppy rich in zinc and are responsible for healthy hair. Incidentally, remains in apparent healthy cereals and porridge usually phytates, which prevent the body accepts zinc!

Peas, cabbage and lettuce contains many ingredients that have optimal effect profile hair. Vitamin C, Vitamin B and pepsin provide hair "inside."

Onion is known for hair growth products, which are maintained without sulfur hair structure. The remaining hair can help onion juice Fuller Hair picture. To do this, take the onion in half and gently massage the scalp for about ten minutes. Then wash your hair and pH neutral shampoo.

Tea tree oil is the best cure for hair to do this, take a few drops of tea tree oil is high quality and massaged into the head of this sensitive skin. This stimulates hair growth.

Silica for healthy nails and hair strength. Silica is available in pharmacies.

Tips to prevent hair loss

 Too much stress causes hair loss, so you should not take the stress so that you learn some ways to make you relax.

Tong can break and have a negative effect on hair growth.

 Remember, 3 times a day, regular scalp massage is better to stimulate circulation to the scalp and prevent hair loss.

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