10 excuses of someone dumping

Last week, we have analyzed the collapse of popular explanation - "It is not you, it is me." But I for one moment that the only acceptable excuse to avoid relationships I think not.
Many other options are there, here are 10 excuses that men (and women) how to use.

"I appreciate your friendship too"

The paradox of liking someone so much that you stop having sex with them, thereby keeping long-term bonds is his.
Pros: flattery and bamboozlement help you everywhere, if you prove to anyone.
Cons: You really need to stay friends with them after the break, which is really sad.

"Do I or X"

This is when you can not make someone an ultimatum to be with you, and they are expensive things in the world. As in: "Do I or chinchilla.
Pros: The display and put the ball on their side.
Cons: If they really, really like your chinchilla can be through no fault of their evicted.

"We've grown apart"

Polite way of saying that the recent successes (eg, getting a promotion or to get six pack) means that you can now punch in women weighing more, and do not want to purge those who haven Greggs underground in the past five years to go.
Pros: diplomatic - make mass over time, rather than any individual.
Cons: If it really clean bins in Greggs, he may feel he nothing to lose and will react strongly, for example by pressing baking hot stick in the throat.

"If you love somebody, they released"

I heard this phrase about bandied. I am sure that is exactly what is meant, but worth a try.
Pluses: poetic, noble.
Cons: I think this may be the name of the song by Sting.

"I can not give you permission"

Dinner flash, movie tickets, three years is mandatory and regularly than their inclusive minutes ... Explain that you have enough money to continue the relationship due to the credit crisis and all they did not.
Pros: If you really seriously tried to save him, he can give you money.
Cons: You may leave my job and go on the dole to the plausible excuse.

"Your brother / sister / parent"

Higher degree of friendship to justify (see above), this is where you explain your relationship is deeper, more significant areas that is compatible with continuing adoration is moved.
Pros: very good to get an additional family member.
Cons: terrible indeed.

"I do not understand you"

Complete set of male characteristics such as HP Sauce French restaurant called Jeremy Clarkson quotes or reviews of the car during sex. But some girls just complain about it.
Advantages: easy way to reject their deficiencies in your partner.
Cons: If you are not a complicated person, but will not work.

"We are too different"

Numerous examples that you can make it as their own policies too conservative, or does he not use the iPhone there.
Pros: If you come up with examples of good enough, he might agree with you completely.
Cons: It can be broken into song, in particular, "opposite attract" Paula Abdul. Then your screwed.

"You will change"

This may be an individual's identity or integrity is concerned, but probably refers to its weight and sexual indifference.
Pros: You have the right to dump someone if the person you originally agreed to not harvest.
Cons: If you are asked to give examples, you will under no circumstances allowed to mention weight and may have to do something else.

"I'm sorry I met you in five years"

This wonderful little piece of irrationality, where all communication is complete, but the timing is.
Pros: No one to blame but scientists are stupid conquest of travel time is not yet rated.
Cons: It can be a lifetime to build a time machine so that it can be half a decade into the future transport and to assign you to marry. But it will be a lack of technical knowledge, and it will be a massive waste of time. Or worse, it actually manage it.

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