Lips Like morphine, is now a reality thanks to a new balm

If the tingling excitement of kissing your partner you want to make sure that you leave? Morphine Lips answer could be: - "Lips Like Morphine" said Hannah songs of inspiration - a new product numbs your lips for the kiss, "they will never forget."
Vitamin E, beeswax, Shea nuts, coconut and grape oil, jojoba - you benzocaine, a normal first-aid spray of local anesthetic agent of condoms used in lip balm will be any surprises in the list of materials is.

Five per cent of the contents of four doses - seven minutes of your lips is enough to Numb. "Use your movement and Morphine Lips kiss before leaving the country in the production of this website." And then touch your lips, your lips and hearts of the victim will be a key race. "

Priced at $ 17.50, mint flavoring, such as mango and peach are balsamic. Matte finish Naked version, but comes without the numbing.

Looking for other physical key? New release was prepared by Dr. Edna Ma Anesthesiologist bare comfort panties (25 $), provides a painless bikini waxing.

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