Sex dilemmas sorted

So you think you found the person I am even in my dreams is waiting for the "right" amount of time before they go to bed (well, a few weeks, honorable, right?) Only stated that Prince Charming is a big mistake and the bedroom department . Your dream of living happily ever after, complete with orgasms left, right and center, broke a million units and fairies may have died in this process. It ends dreamed. But fear not, Cinderella must have experience post-orgasmic bliss, she is just going to put it back to this, to get there, and trust us, which is a good man until after the first night of bad sex is equivalent to chowing down poison apple, guaranteed leave a bad taste in my mouth.
Number one sex dilemma: can not find his penis without the magnifying glass
OK, so the little guy cock so small that when I first saw that almost cried, and immediately became a "not-in-the-mood", but believe us, it's not the end of the world.

First, it's not about length, can not be hung like a horse, but is less wide, not making a mistake, do not ignore its perimeter ladies! Circumference of a good man is worth grabbing a man to stop, literally. Many women are very uncomfortable long penis during sex, because how deep do you really think that running is not a black hole of Calcutta is not the cervix and thank you for bringing home a man a conservative length. According to data average penis is 6.5inches and the average length of a woman's vagina caused by only four inches. So no. But do not worry if the problem is that you stand out from the penis version of Goliath the vagina has a large (almost magical) ability to stretch, if such a great thing, introduced gradually, and is fully incorporated. See how Mother Nature has covered all the bases, then. Secondly, you need to change their expectations, and not his performance - there is no hell - has yet to fingers and tongue, that does not mean, however, how many centimeters you were hoping for, and what do you think they will do for you. We have heard countless stories of women whose sexual techniques men, well-built technology that is simply to pull it out, repeat. Yawn. Er, hello, first of all, the clitoris does not even know it ocurringoccurring and G-spot is getting locked in all the pounding so let's be clear, a big penis does not equal abundance orgasm. Or even one. Instead, time, labor, what the position is to satisfy. There are certain sex positions can be used for sex to feel a deep, if you want that feeling, plus you can sit on it without fear and Impalement woman at the top of the best woman to achieve a vaginal orgasm.

Note: We do not mean in any way shape or form, that his penis is below average, it will end - the end of your relationship and is likely to end his self-respect.
Sex Dilemma number two on the back door tightly closed, but his persistent knocking
So, you want this man from the Special Council on the menu of gender norms, but are unlikely to hear it, move your legs. Fair enough, many women consider it too difficult to participate in a sexual act (to endure seems to be a more appropriate word, we know that some of you), but it is worth to note that the anus and the surrounding area is full nyarderid endings and can feel amazing when excited.

So, before you dip your fingers in the murky waters (no pun intended, and we too), here are some tips you can follow to make it fun outing two. Start small, your partner will jump down between the buttocks will feel delicious, but also because non-anal sex is a bold and interesting and will have sex for the first time to feel again. If you enjoyed this move, insert partner lubricated finger into the anus. The key here is lubrication of the anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina, and requires very beautiful lube to keep things going and smooth. This is important as the skin anus is very delicate and more prone to quick, so be sure to keep everything wet, warm and mild.

Regarding a full on anal sex or using sex toy anal penetration in order to maintain channels of communication open and talk with your partner during intercourse to him about how it is, and if badly at any point, do not forget that you can always ask him to stop.

It should also solve the problem that many women worry about: the manure. Yes, poo. No, he does not withdraw the penis covered by the poo, if you allow him to anal sex, unless, of course, you're just dying to go to the toilet, and we assume that it probably does not offer any kind of sex, or in this case. Go and do some research on the anatomy of the rear door and you'll see why.

Remember that you never double dip from the anus to the vagina is, finger or sex toy that the bacteria can enter the reproduction of the reproduction of bacteria should not be.

Number of alternative sex three to go up or down, no question about it
Sorry ladies, but it's time to rough with you. There is no reason (bar his hygiene, or lack thereof) will not be my guy - do not say that you need to deep throat him, but a few strategic licks and kisses go a long way, if you are normally hell is not Hannah.

If the idea of ​​taking it completely in your mouth makes you squirm, maybe even start to gag a little, it's not just the head start gives you lick his penis. This target range into frenulum - a bit of skin that connects to the body and head of the penis) is the closest thing that the guy is full of the clitoris, nyarderid endings to a few strokes of language in this area is guaranteed up to my knees shaking. Then try to run the language on the entire length of his shaft, and hands - the winner will not only feel good for him call, but also helps maintain control in order not to suffer the indignity of looking like you "re bobbing for apples.

If you do not clean up the courage to take fully into your mouth (and really should not be as hands, lips, plus oral rather difficult-to-beat combo), and then hold the ball in his hand a great tip if it is to get people a little more during happy because Paul Joannides' Guide to Getting on the property as a Rough Guide to Sex is a "tug hard, you're pulling on the reins of the horse, it is a great way, and Er, stop it!

And remember, you can always make his penis more attractive by covering them with sauce, chocolate, fudge, caramel, and pineapple, to begin to offer him every opportunity because it will make the sauce taste that much sweeter.

If you still have the problem of both giving and receiving oral sex, it can not be more serious questions about the address of a shower will not cure. If so, we suggest reading reviews, and oral sex is an integral part of a healthy sex life, and the same proportion, which shows the level of trust and intimacy that you should not miss. Not to mention the incredible orgasms.
Sex number of alternative four is still expensive, the X Factor is about (in fact, he should wait for the post-X Factor nookie too!)
Just a nightmare of home work day, the trip was horrible and still all this homework to do - it's safe to say that jumping into the bedroom last thing on your mind, but the guy has other ideas - What to do?

What most people do not realize, according to Tracey Cox sexpert is that "women need to feel satisfied with the emotions, well before the satisfaction of our sexual partners" (najlepsze!) So, talk to the man - we all know, guys are often difficult to express feelings and above the waist, which are more subtle clues, as they do not exist, so let them know very clearly that if he supports you emotionally - for example, you may feel less stressed and more willing to take their panties off .

Balancing mismatched libido can be difficult and requires a compromise on two corners. Is the amount of sex they want, is different from, or where there is stimulation is still possible, placed, and it's not hard to be made.

Encourage your partner to understand that if you are able to go from zero to horny less than ten seconds in your head is full of other things, this is a way of working women of the brain. We are constantly multi-tasking means, we think it is more difficult than men to focus on just one thing, in this case, sex. Although they are only thinking about how it would be good to get naked and their wicked way with us, psychologically, to make a shopping list, Saturday, packing schoolbag child and thinks that bathroom really needs cleaning. None of these thoughts, we feel sexy in any shape or size. It is therefore not surprising jump in his arms every time you come to play some nookie. But in fact we have a leaf from the book of men and just let go, and all other things and focus on the connection without a partner. One orgasm after the treatment will be long forgotten.
Number of alternative sex five: How to whisper sweet nothings wrong
Talking dirty really cringe worthy experience, if not comfortable with the idea, but it is also very fun to develop a talent for it.

If the idea of ​​wading with sexy chat may be put off by the sexual life, and then help you to him sexy text or two. Send a message from the dirty man of his favorite piece of lingerie, then tell him. Look forward to getting into bed with him later to say it. But is not everything it describes. Men are very visual creatures, and you only need to buzz of black lace, hot skin soft, and he's picturing you with full heels, stockings and crisp black undies bent over the sofa. Some ideas of adjectives to raise the temperature of the cold smoked chat. And it is much less frightening than the text messages than face to face.

When you are ready to take on cyber chat in real time, one liners, like "this is good" or "I love you when ... in fine form to grips with the dirty talk. The words, their own as well," difficult "," quick ", "deep", "now" - the idea. Or, try describing the feelings and actions - "I love it when you bite the nipples," I want to feel you in me now. It remains to throw a few curse, in turn, fragments of sentences and boom, you say a dirty girl! If you can really be a girl, when talking dirty. Discuss.

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