5 cosmetic products you love, but you need not

They sure are fun to buy and great to use, and all jars and bottles look nice in your bathroom, but these cosmetic options are far from major. If there are no budget and no time to twenty minutes face mask or add my step every night mode, then miss them - and feel guilty about it. When it comes to cleaning, moisturizing and protection of these three things will do nothing more for your skin than your three essentials. If you want to spoil the special care of your skin or buy in the home, go for it. I do not blame you, and me too. But please, do not be tricked into thinking that you need.

Eye Cream
 If you cancel an item from your shopping list, it does not matter. It is equally effective and efficient, doing more things at once with your normal daily moisturizer and SPF. Yes, it feels good, but no, it's not necessary. In fact, it is simply unnecessary. The skin around the eyes is delicate, but not as strong massage conditioner for the rest of your face, use moisturizer on your face and neck is the same formula, and many of the same ingredients that you can get any cream in your eyes. The same moisturizing ingredients can treat fine lines and dryness around the eyes as much as they care about the same problems elsewhere on the face.

Well, swelling and dark circles under your eyes? Will address these two questions in Chapter 8, "Skin SOS", but suffice to say that the eye cream will remove them. Dark circles are caused mainly by the anatomy and swelling are often a sign of water retention in the body (usually from lack of sleep). A cold compress or cold and wet chamomile tea bags to soothe swelling better than a special eye cream, although both are temporary cure. If you suffer swelling around the eyes, make sure that regular cream contains anti-inflammatory ingredients such as chamomile, cucumber, or aloe vera (which will be presented in an eye cream as well).

 In a classic bit of comedy, Jerry Seinfield speculate about why women need all those trucks with cotton balls. How can you use so much and for what purpose is it possible? A: The cassette. How many balls of cotton and a bottle of astringent is that we go to high school and college, anyway? Toner aims to remove any makeup and oils from the skin. But since most these days cleaning it well, unnecessary toner is the next step. Fine, soft, soothing toner (usually contains moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agents, such as rose water or cucumber) are completely useless unless you use a moisturizer. (However, I prefer the make-up remover to remove any other parts of eye makeup or concealer, because consistency is so weak.) Alcohol and astringent toner (such as antiseptics version we all remember as a teenager) usually contains ingredients such as witch hazel and salicylic acid to get rid of oil. For those who are addicted to washing my face morning and quickly put the toner may instead be a proper remedy. They are great for combination skin conditions for removing oil from one part of the face (not all). For the most part, I, like Seinfeld, is not beneficial to the cotton ball.

Face masks
 I enjoy thinking of myself as a man at home, relaxing in front of the TV has a blue or green face mask. The chances of this happening (with four children, a crazy plan, and a husband who will laugh at silly), are nearly zero. But it is likely that the mask - whether one is for wet or clay masks to absorb oil - to do something truly transformative and lasting on my skin. Can a super-moisturizing facial mask and hydration in the press? Yes, but only until it is rinsed. Frankly, the mask is as a gloss on the face - an occlusive film on the surface, which provides a good interim solution. For someone with sensitive skin or rosacea, mask, packed with anti-inflammatory compounds (such as aloe vera, allantoin, and chamomile) and moisturizing you'll feel great and soothes the skin, but only if she is human. Again, it is always important to read labels, especially if your skin is feeling sensitive. Fruit acid or menthol, which are common in masks can cause irritation.

Hydrating Mask
 If the mask is active substances such as anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, which may be better absorbed into the skin as an occlusive barrier mask. But this is a big "if", since these components must be lipophilic (oil-loving and compatible with the skin) and microscopic enough to penetrate into the pores in the first place. The same principle of closure, and sometimes to treat eczema on the body by applying a steroid cream, then the location for films that occlusive barrier, so the cream does not evaporate or wipe. It also provides a subtle pressure that pushes the drug to the skin. It's like slathering on a rich foot cream and then cover feet with socks - even though, unlike medicine, moisturizing effect of distance from the time to wash the skin.

Clay Masks
 Clay masks absorb or do not actually "swallow" oil and can not "clean" and "detoxification" pores either. Mask with kaolin (a mineral-rich clay), sea mud, and even charcoal resolves fine exfoliation by covering the skin like glue. When you drain and rinse the mask theoretically pull off any dead cells, dirt and oil it. This is the same concept as a smooth rolling surface of the sweater brush. Pore ​​strips work the same way, and they are great. Sometimes clay mask containing active ingredients such as sulfur, a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, or tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. But to treat this way will be more effective than salicylic acid exfoliator and a passionate evening cleaning. Mask with d% D

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